ABC's 'Scandal' Surges to a New Series High as TV's Top 10pm Drama Telecast in 7 Months

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May 10th, 2013


via press release:

ABC finished #2 on Thursday in Adults 18-49 for the 2nd week in a row, as Scandal and Grey’s ranked as the night’s Top 2 dramas for the 3rd week running in Adults 18-49ABC was up year to year on Thursday for the 2nd week in a row in Adults 18-49 (+9%).


  • Building on its Grey’s lead-in, Scandal hit a new series high in Adults 18-49, spiking 23% week to week and surpassing its previous high by 14%.


  • Scandal is on track to rank as TV’s #1 drama for the 2nd time in 3 weeks and delivered the highest rating for any regular 10 o’clock drama telecast on any net in 7 months – since 10/15/12.


  • Continuing to post big year-to-year gains, Scandal shot up 68% in Adults 18-49 from its telecast on the same night last year.


  • Scandal outdelivered Idol-Thursday in Adults 18-49 for the first-time ever.


  • Fred

    ABC has a monster on its hands. I hope they don’t mess with it.

  • Joseph

    Look for “Scandal” to stay in the Thursday night 10 P.M. (ET/PT) slot for several more years to come.

  • Alecia

    I bet ABC couldn’t wait to put out this press release. I can’t really blame them though. Scandal has been the bright spot in a sea of disappointing freshman series and slumping sophomores.

  • DenverDean

    @Joseph – Scandal will move to 9/8 when GA is done – if not sooner. It has real potential to pop in the earlier slot.

  • Shepherd

    S.1 premiere was a 2.0. S.1 finale was a 2.3.

    S.2 premiere was only 2.0, and already Scandal hits ‘3.2’ with the S.2 finale yet to air.

    It’s just really nice to see an ‘underdog’ show growing so much in its second season.

  • Dan

    Why hasnt this show been renewed yet?

    Or any ABC show for that matter.

  • Fred

    While ABC is having a tough season, there are other programs that ABC can smile about.

    The highly profitable SHARK TANK and to a lesser extent 20/20 are doing good business on Friday. As a matter of fact ABC won Friday nearly every night this season.

    GREY’S ANATOMY continues to be one of the highest rated dramas on television. It regularly wins its time slot as well. ABC wins Thursday 9:00-11:00 nearly every week.

    CASTLE has proven to be a long term player for ABC. It performs really well for a 10:00 slot.

    MODERN FAMILY is beginning to show signs of age. However it does win its time slot and beats IDOL almost every week. MF is one of the highest rated sitcoms on television.

    Lets hope that REVENGE and ONCE UPON A TIME rebound next season.
    Also counting on NASHVILLE (if renewed)to develop a larger following.

  • Samunto

    And to think the ABC didn’t even want to make Scandal in the first place. Shonda wanted this years ago. Then they premiered it last year with little fanfare/promo.

    And since they had nothing better (and needed to make Shonda happy) it retained the slot and grew all on it’s own. Just by word of mouth and those great cliffhangers that only Shonda can do right.

    I only watched all previous episodes last week and looooved it. Brilliant drama. But given all the problems ABC has, Scandal might be moved to a new night like Mondays at 9 or Tuesdays to anchor the night.

  • Fred

    For next season AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D seems to be the most anticipated new show on any network. Thanks to the Disney owned Marvel connection.
    Not so sure about the other pilots yet.
    MOTIVES looks like an entertaining procedural this summer.
    MISTRESSES seems too cheesy. But I will give it a chance. I love Alyssa Milano.

  • Fred


    Yes ABC will mostly likely be tempted to move SCANDAL. But they risking losing viewers Thursday 10:00. I would just leave it alone for now.

    Here is what might work next FALL:


    BACHELOR- 8:00 – 2 Hrs

    BACHELOR should compete OK against NFL and TWD. Nice lead in for NASHVILLE as well.


    DWTS- 8:00-2 Hrs

    DWTS needs a major format change, much like IDOL. 2 hours is more than enough for this slumping contest.


    OUAT-8:00-Yes its risky. May be good counterprograming against VOICE and NCIS.
    NEW SHOW- AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D-9:00- If this doesn’t hit, I’ll be very surprised.
    NEW SHOW- 10:00- BOP should return later in season.


    SUBURGATORY- 8:30 – If ABC decides to cancel NEW SITCOM
    HOW TO LIVE-9:30-If ABC decides to cancel NEW SITCOM
    REVENGE-10:00-Welcome back home!!

    I originally wanted to try new sitcoms at 8:30 and 9:30. However after all these years and no solid companions, SUBURGATORY and HOW TO LIVE suffice.
    But ABC may have other plans. We will soon see!


    SHARK TANK-8:00- No more expensive scripted flops here anymore. PLEASE!
    GREY’S-9:00-Suprisingly still a high rated show after all these years!
    SCANDAL-10:00-ABC might want to air this at 9:00 and move GREY’s to 10:00 though.


    LMS-8:00-If ABC decides to cancel, NEW SITCOM
    MALIBU COUNTRY-If ABC decides to cancel, NEW SITCOM
    SHARK TANK-9:00- Why not another airing? Way too profitable for just 1 hour.

  • Melanie P.

    Awesome job Scandal!!

  • Melissa


    GREY’S-9:00-Suprisingly still a high rated show after all these years!
    SCANDAL-10:00-ABC might want to air this at 9:00 and move GREY’s to 10:00 though.

    I think if the combo were to swap places, Grey’s Anatomy would go to 8 and Scandal to 9. That way Grey’s Anatomy can solve the ABC death slot problem, Scandal can still be boosted by a strong lead-in, and a new show can be launched at 10.

  • Jan

    With the language and pretty graphic sex scenes in Scandal, I don’t see them moving it to an earlier hour. I think it’s fine with Grey’s and then Scandal. Don’t mess with success.

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