'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' OFFICIALLY Picked up by ABC (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013

Shield Official Cast Photo

UPDATE (4) And Now it's officially official (for real)! Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has been picked up. See the first cast photo above.

Marvel spin-off Agents of SHIELD has been reportedly picked up by ABC.

Update (3): Looks like the video linked to by Gregg has been pulled down. Make of this what you will.

Update (2): Star Clark Gregg has tweeted out a link to a supposed teaser for the show, featuring The Hulk. All bets are off as to its authenticity, but we'll let you decide for yourself.

Update: Official word has not come down yet but a full series pickup is expected tomorrow, according to Entertainment Weekly

The first promo for it is reported to air during the Once Upon a Time finale, according to a tweet from SitcomsOnline:


  • David


  • Joe

    Finally ABC news, and good news too.

  • DeeAgeaux

    Way too much comicon type shows next year.

    I hope this one survives and makes it.

  • Spike15

    woooot the only new thing ill watch on abc

  • Charmed

    Yay! I was hoping this would get picked up!

  • Shiro

    and F U ABC for not pick up Gothica.

  • American

    Such a big day for TV! So happy!

  • scandalous

    Thursdays at 8 or Sundays at 9 most likely.

  • Tom Shaw

    I don’t think anyone’s doubted the pickup.

    Whether it gets Thursday @ 8 has always been the real question.

  • ryan

    Happy Endings renewal announcement will be next.

  • David


    I’m going to presume you’re being sarcastic…

  • James

    After so much other channels news we have on from ABC!! hope they reveal the renewed shows today

  • were123

    No surprises here, but good! I’ll be watching :D

  • Tom

    If Avengers fans actually buy it, ABC has a new rtg bomb on their hands.

  • serendipity’s last stand

    @deeageaux thems my people u talkin about lol some of those comicon boys r hot….ok not all but some ;-)

  • Dodge Hickey

    Looking forward to seeing Whedon back on TV again

  • David

    Perhaps it will air on Sunday if they’re airing the first promo in Once Upon a Time? Sorry, I know I’m trying to make something out of nothing here but I’ve been waiting for ABC announcements for ages.

  • tim_m

    So glad this officially got picked up. I’ll definitely be watching.

  • Ricky

    Woo ABC! Just so long as they cultivate this one properly and not waste it on a crap timeslot like they did with Last Resort, Zero Hour, Missing, Flashforward…

    Now renew Castle, The Middle, Modern Family and OUAT and you’ll really make me glad to forget the sad cancellation of Touch. Oh, and hopefully the next pick-up will be Forever, Big Thunder, and/or Once Upon a Time In Wonderland (may be too much to hope for four new genre shows, but two or three would be great.)

  • DeeAgeaux


    I am one of those comicon fanbois.

    There is simply not than many of us to watch all these shows to get the ratings for renewal.

    The 100, Tomorrow People, Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow etc etc etc.

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