'Body of Proof' & 'Red Widow' Canceled by ABC

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May 10th, 2013

body of proof april 22

UPDATE: Red Widow has been canceled after one season

ABC has canceled Body of Proof after three seasons.

  • Holly

    @Television Town,

    Roughly, when will ABC release an official statement detailing the reasons of the cancelation?

    A week after never?

  • Nick

    @Television Town

    Roughly, when will ABC release an official statement detailing the reasons of the cancelation?

    Unfortunately, the networks almost never say their reasoning for cancelling the show. If they do, it will be on an interview or something, not an official statement.

  • Samunto

    I had somehow hoped BoP would get renewed. Yes, the show really is not good and i still don’t know why Mark Valley (ratings poison) was brought in the first place. Unnecessary retooling.
    But i still watched the show somehow probably because i need a silly procedural in my life.

    Expect Nashville to be retooled too though i don’t care as i struggled to even get through the pilot!

  • Dumb

    I love how people on this thread say the executives at ABC “made a terrible mistake” Or “they need to get someone in there who knows what they are doing” as if anyone on here is even remotely qualified over any executives at the major networks. But honestly I’m not sure why there is such a big fuss over this decision. I know people are passionate about certain shows and I’m sure body of proof is a great if your into that genre but the fact of the matter is that it was a ratings loser that they stuck with one season longer than they should have. Yes it has
    Three seasons in the books but only 40 total episodes making any syndication deal a long way off. Unless I’m missing something, from my amateur opinion is that ABC has seemed to have made all the right moves thus far.

  • @Samunto

    OK dude, they are going go retool Nashville because you couldn’t get through the pilot. Ignore all the critical praise the show has garnered for its writing and acting, forget the fact that it has out performed most freshman dramas….. The execs are saying Mr Samunto couldn’t get through the pilot so major changes coming. It looks like more people got through the pilot
    Than the people who watch BoP, hence the decision. Geez, I’m not a fan of either show but people are just plain dumb.

  • Justin121

    Suprise cancellation of the season!

  • laura

    I love Body of Proof, that will be a bummer. My husbands hates TV but would watch that with me. Nashville is stupid. ABC, you’re making a mistake. Keep Body of Proof.

  • bob

    who cares

  • Ted

    Body of Proof was a great show. Typical network idiots.

  • Poppy Akaji

    BOP was getting TOO SLICK, TOO HOLLYWOOD and not believable. The best of shows was Season 1 which, I believe was filmed on PA. Slickness is a Sickness. Bye Bye.

  • Jean

    WHY BOP? My fav among all cancelled!!! It’s not fair!

  • Lisa

    I can’t believe they aren’t renewing Body of Proof. I really did not expect that! Love the show! Many other shows I would have chosen to cancel over this one.

  • andri

    Helmed yeah!! Red widow wistfulness is out with my much bated lucked body of proof.thanks again, abc

  • psychic

    This is the end of any worries I could have had about Castle…

  • Patrick Gillease

    Glad to see “Body of Proof” die early, too, since it was ABC’s first-season save-face drama renewal 2 years ago instead of a third-season renewal for “V”. Good riddance “BOP”!!

  • miss may

    BOP could have worked as a summer series.

  • Brian

    ABC is making a huge mistake and gonna lose allot of viewers by cancelling BOP..i am done with them! IDIOTS!

  • Margo Zummo

    Your cancelling Body Of proof> Give us a break already. I love that show and my whole family watches it.. We would rather see Nashville go,, never saw it and have no interest in it…Get rid of other show’s that have low veiwers and leave NCIS alone. We have been watching that for years. They are Both Great Shows…

  • Jerry Sellers

    Well, I only watched ABC for two shows, Now it’s one. Keep up the good work ABC. You’ll fall below NBC if you keep this up.

  • Joan Neighbors

    Too bad! So sad! This was one of our favorite programs. Hope they don’t replace it with another mindless, dysfunctional family or reality program. It seems programming is just getting worse and TV stations are only catering to the individuals who want obscene language, sex, gore and totally mindless programs.

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