'Body of Proof' & 'Red Widow' Canceled by ABC

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May 10th, 2013

body of proof april 22

UPDATE: Red Widow has been canceled after one season

ABC has canceled Body of Proof after three seasons.

  • Tanya

    Red Widow was so good. Can’t believe it!!!!

  • Alice

    It doesn’t surprise me that they cancelled Body of Proof. When you consider that the season for BOP is short, having 3 out of the first 5 or 6 episodes crappy didn’t help. At least the season premier was good and they had good episodes in between the crappy ones. The cast change didn’t help either, but the newbies have grown on me. Tommy and Adam make a good team. I just hope the last episodes are good ones. I’m guessing Tommy and Megan will get back together since the storyline has no where to go.

  • Dan

    I love this show, every week the story line was excillent. My friends wished it wasn’t on so late or they would watch it every week.

  • a p garcia

    Bad move by ABC for cancelling BOP. I hope it will get the uncencelled treatment like Unforgetable and save it for a midseason or summer replacement.

  • Cathy

    Will miss both shows…… especially Body of Proof! Loved the addition of Mark Valley!

  • Thomas

    What the hell? Why cancel Body of Proof??

  • Barbara

    so dissapointed Body of Proof cancelled. One of my favorite shows!!!

  • Bill

    I am sorry Body of proof was not renewed..My wife and I always enjoyed sitting down and watching that show..We are an older couple but really loved the show and its characters. We will miss it…

  • Tiffany

    I thought Red Widow was a great show!

  • JON

    This is so disappointing! I hope this is wrong… Body of Proof was so good this season! Body of Proof scored 6 million viewers at the start of the Season and now it has gained around 9 million. That is how Modern Family is doing recently! If I were TNT or USA! They should she this as good opprotunity and take the series.

  • KMM

    I really enjoyed this show. Hopefully another cable network will pick it up. Good show and good cast. Bring it back!!

  • ine

    I LOVED Red Widow :-( from the very first episode. They never should have put a new show up against populair shows like Walking/talking dead etc…

  • vickie

    I really enjoy body of proof. it is one of the few prime time shows on abc that i enjoy watching. shame on abc

  • Anne Norskog

    The Red Widow has excellent acting, excellent stories, excellent suspense…why is it being given the boot? It would have been better had it been broadcast earlier–say 8:00 PM instead of 10:00 PM. Dropping it makes no sense to me whatsoever…but, alas, who am I?

  • nicki

    It’s so disappointing they cancelled Body of Proof. I hate that crap reality shows are still on. I hope another network – like USA picks it up instead.

  • JC

    I read the list of cancelled shows, ABC takes the cake of hyping up – for months – on these new shows, then some fail within weeks. Body of Proof was decent show..now that gone. Seriously, I give up on getting into these new dramas..only to have the network rip them off the air. Some replace with some lame new reality junk. “WipeOut” is OLD, yet it’s back on the air. That insipid “Splash,” no idea how this even made it to TV. JUst fed u[p with the networks and the lack of quality shows. Again, once a 1/2 decent show is made, it may be gone within 2 weeks, a month? Eh.

  • ellen Gabbert

    Please reconsider Body of Proof. With so few good shows on why take them off. Now I no longer have a show on ABC that I like. Oh well Please Please bring it back.

  • Kim

    Why did they get rid of Body of Proof, it’s a great show.

  • DC

    Sorry to hear that Body of Proof and Red Widow were cancelled. Two more good shows being taken off the air. Oh yes, lets be sure to leave those silly reality shows on TV.

  • Eileen

    UNFREAKIN’BELIEVABLE !!!! Two shows that I watch every week. Both are excellent shows that my husband and I really enjoyed. I find it hard to believe that either show would be canceled.
    very disappointing!!!!!!

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