CBS Picks up Four Comedies 'Mom', 'The Millers', 'Crazy Ones' & 'We Are Men' + Dramas 'Intelligence' & 'Hostages' (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013

Chuck Lorre


UPDATE: CBS Has also picked up Jerry Bruckheimer's Hostages

CBS has just greenlighted four new comedies: Chuck Lorre's Mom (which was already heavily rumored to be a lock), The Millers (starring Will Arnett), Crazy Ones (starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar), and We Are Men (starring Chris Smith,  Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub and Jerry O’Connell).

CBS has also picked up Drama Intelligence with Lost's Josh Holloway

  • Spen B


    I think WB could possibly pressure CBS into keeping POI in a good timeslot, at least for the next two seasons, by either offering lower prices on current or future shows, or going the opposite route and saying that they’ll increase prices on current or future shows. A $2-3 million/episode syndication has to be a good motivator, plus one would hope that CBS would do their best to support their second-highest rated drama, regardless of the studio that makes it.

    I don’t know, in the end, I’m just a POI fan who hopes that CBS doesn’t do to it what they did to The Mentalist. I guess we’ll just have to find out on Wednesday :D

  • Spen B

    Also, it looks like CBS is airing three hours of Survivor tonight. Does anyone know if that’s an annual thing (I don’t really pay attention to reality shows) or is that unusual? If CBS is testing it on Sunday, that could possibly signal that they’re interested in moving it there and putting the new comedy block in its old timeslot. It seems like it’s a little late to make that decision, but who knows. I still think Wednesday makes the most sense out of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the day of the new comedy block.

  • Holly

    @Spen B,

    The Survivor finale is always on Sundays, though I think it’s usually 2 hours instead of 3, but no guarantees on that.

  • Jon

    What is becoming of NCIS Red….I figured this was a lock

  • Jon

    Moving person of interest off of Thursdays seems nonesensical to me at this point in its tenure

  • Doug

    Deadline is reporting that Red is dead. That’s a surprise for me, but the pilot must have been bad. Or CBS doesn’t want to dilute the NCIS brand.

    CBS picked up another comedy, making it 5 now. There’s no doubt remaining that they’re going for the 4 sitcom Thursday solution. BBT at 8pm, 2.5 Men at 9pm, with 2 comedies for midseason.

  • sally

    I watch fewer network shows anymore, I liked csi ny and the only network show I watch on Friday night is Blue Bloods

  • Colin

    I’m praying they also pick up Bad Teacher!

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