CBS Picks up Four Comedies 'Mom', 'The Millers', 'Crazy Ones' & 'We Are Men' + Dramas 'Intelligence' & 'Hostages' (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013

Chuck Lorre


UPDATE: CBS Has also picked up Jerry Bruckheimer's Hostages

CBS has just greenlighted four new comedies: Chuck Lorre's Mom (which was already heavily rumored to be a lock), The Millers (starring Will Arnett), Crazy Ones (starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar), and We Are Men (starring Chris Smith,  Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub and Jerry O’Connell).

CBS has also picked up Drama Intelligence with Lost's Josh Holloway

  • Ali

    Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, that is a combination I am really looking forward to!!!

  • Glenwithme

    Mom seems like the only one of the pack that will be a hit and possilbly the crazy ones …

  • Greg

    Hostages was also picked up.

  • communityfan11


  • reedmac

    Hostages was picked up too.

    4 new comedies-1 going in on Monday, 1 new hour added and 1 mid season replacement?

    I expect more dramas to be picked up yet, I think Hostages is supposed to be a limited series?

  • rob60990

    Deadline was right on the money with these shows. Beverly Hills Cop & NCIS: Red which will probably be for midseason will probably get picked up next.

    Can anyone enlighten me what ABC is waiting for? Paul Lee should just be fired for this type of incompetence.

  • Petar Ivanov



    on your dreams. POI is #2 CBS drama and Intelligence will take slot after it(its compitable and a litle like POI spin off even with JJ abrams star on it but its NOT POI spin off). These single cams will be on friday.

  • Greg

    If they add another comedy hour (and it seems very likely now), then I think Rules gets renewed. They would be premiering three new comedies on fall. That’s very risky, even for CBS. A 13-episode final season for Rules would give them a back up in case one of the new comedies fails right out of the gate.

  • ryan

    Crazy Ones and We Are Men are both single-cameras. If these are the only comedies picked up, Mom will join the Monday line-up, the single-cameras will get a block somewhere (whether its Thursday, Friday, or even Wednesday), and The Millers will be held for midseason I think.

    Thrilled for Intelligence, Hostages, Mom, and Crazy Ones. Surprised Beverly Hill Cop hasn’t been picked up yet, although I thought it was being overhyped along with NBC’s Michael J Fox comedy.

  • David

    This is the first batch of pilots in a long time that have all got me excited! And surely Hostages has been picked up. The NCIS: Red series doesn’t surprise me…I always though t CBS wouldn’t pick it up, and I heard it wasn’t very similar to the other two NCIS’.

  • Ultima

    Can anyone enlighten me what ABC is waiting for? Paul Lee should just be fired for this type of incompetence.

    Why is not revealing what you are doing incompetence? They have to make these decisions before upfronts, not in a fashion that sates the curiousity of fans.

  • Greg


    Is it actual single-camera or is it single-camera like HIMYM?

  • JJF

    Alright for Intelligence! Likely comedy expansion, but I say they should spread the extra hour to Fridays @8PM, anchored by 2.5 men and maybe Mike & Molly. Premiere 3 comedies in the empty Tuesday/Thursday slots, and save 1 for midseason. Put Intelligence after POI and move Elementary to Friday or Sunday. (Depending what they do with TGW/The Mentalist.)

    Now, this will also vary depending on whether this is it or if BHC and Red get picked up, and if Hostages is held for midseason. So many variables.

  • Austin

    I’m happy that CBS is trying to expand its comedy. Hopefully it stops with boring cop shows. We already have NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS:LA, Hawaii Five-O, etc. like wheres the originality? :@

  • Holly

    Only 3 dramas? If they stick with that I’d expect an extra hour of comedies.

  • Androme

    Anything with Robin Williams is appointment TV for me. Except One Hour Photo. That still scares me.

  • SJ


    I can’t wait for Paul Lee to finally be fired. He’s worse than McPherson!

    2 single, 2 multi-cams. Let’s hope they get paired up accordingly.

    I’d be surprised if NCIS: Red and Beverly Hills Cop didn’t get picked up.

    By the way, any news on whether CBS even intends to air Friend Me?

  • Ultima

    NBC has killed a couple more sitcom pilots – Mulaney/Micahels and Daniels/Padnick.

    Negotiations with Sony must be going well.

  • Greg


    Three dramas? As far as I know, there’s only two: Intelligence and Hostages.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Beverly hills cop is still ALIVE!!!

    ps from deadline “Picking up the little older skewing single-camera Crazy Ones”………man Robin Williams is too old even for CBS. And who deside that Sarah Michelle Gellar is funny?

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