CBS Picks up Four Comedies 'Mom', 'The Millers', 'Crazy Ones' & 'We Are Men' + Dramas 'Intelligence' & 'Hostages' (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013

Chuck Lorre


UPDATE: CBS Has also picked up Jerry Bruckheimer's Hostages

CBS has just greenlighted four new comedies: Chuck Lorre's Mom (which was already heavily rumored to be a lock), The Millers (starring Will Arnett), Crazy Ones (starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar), and We Are Men (starring Chris Smith,  Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub and Jerry O’Connell).

CBS has also picked up Drama Intelligence with Lost's Josh Holloway

  • dan

    Sarah is back, bitches!
    cries CW

  • Barbie

    With only two dramas, does this mean there’s truly hope for CSI:NY???

  • Justin121

    Will watch for Buffy :D

  • Holly


    Sorry, was distracted. I thought there were two and then Hostages was added. I was wrong.

    So…only 2 dramas and 4 comedies. A expansion is looking likely.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    I really need to figure out how to change my name to a CBS acronym. Tired of this “ABC” business.

    CBS continues to be the network that has the most shows that I hope will get to syndication numbers.

    Looking back at all the shows from yesteryear only NBC’s Must See TV Era, 80s to mid 00s, could compete.

    ABC has really only had a few shows each year. FOX is newer than those 3, but never really had many shows either or at least were able to have them last long enough.

    CW aka UPN/WB def had a number of shows in their heydays & it looks like with the turn to SciFi & (comedy next year after that), maybe it will come back.

    TNT/USA was my Cable choice to help when I ran out of CBS shows for the day, and now I get to add SHO/HBO/A&E/FX & even Int’l channels as well via online sites.

    In any case, good luck NEW Shows, hopefully Nielsen viewers love you, so you can let Blue Bloods, The Good Wife & The Mentalist all leave with dignity & HIMYM/ROE to be replaced along with possibly M&M/TAAHM soon as well.

  • Owen

    Most likely 2 more drama pickups (Guess Beverly & NCIS spinoff), because Hostages is limited i believe (so 13 episodes in spring).

    Extra hour for comedy, on thursday or friday most likely.

    Means everything on the air what is not renewed will be cancelled probably to make room.

  • Petar Ivanov

    I still doesn’t get it. Intelligence looks like PoI spin off. Why CBS don’t order PoI spin off here like CF for nbc which is not even close to PoI ratings and quality. Intelligence is not produce from CBS too and is directed and i thin created from the same man that directed POI pilot.

  • Ultima

    And who deside that Sarah Michelle Gellar is funny?

    She makes me laugh on Robot Chicken.

  • tim_m

    Shows with Tony Shaloub loved him on wings, Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Guess i’ll be watching even more CBS next season then i already do!

  • G


  • Alex

    I’ll just say that Hostages reads as the most stupidly moronic and completely unsustainable concept I’ve seen in a long time. No way on earth does that sustain multiple 20+ episode seasons.

    Also quite looking forward to the Robin Williams comedy.

    And it’ll be interesting to see if CBS moves ahead with Beverly Hills Cop and the latest NCIS spin-off. I’d hope not on the spin-off at least.

  • FringeFan

    Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on television! *faints*

  • Stella

    Those two drama’s seem interesting, might give them a shot.
    I like the concept of the series.

  • Alex

    I still doesn’t get it. Intelligence looks like PoI spin off…

    No it doesn’t. Intelligence looks like ‘Chuck for adults’. I believe its based on a forthcoming book though.

    Also there isn’t a Person of Interest spin-off because nobody offered or wanted one.

  • David

    @Petar Ivanov

    Because CBS never developed a Person of Interest spinoff…and to be honest, it doesn’t need one. The Chicago Fire spinoff – while a cheap move from NBC, it definetly understandable why they picked it up.

  • tim_m

    I’ll probably check out the dramas too and Mom. I’ll probably pass on The Millers. Will Arnett has bored me to tears in his last two epic failure on fox and nbc.

  • David


  • Survivor Fan

    I have a funny feeling that we will not know ROE’s fate by Friday for the second straight year.

  • Ram510

    Based on the cast We Are Men and The Millers look failures

  • Ricky

    Sounds good for Intelligence and Hostages…but where’s NCIS Red? I hope it’s not dead. Same with Second Sight. Looks like Hostages is gonna be Dueling Shows with NBC’s Crisis. As for Intelligence, that would be a great pairing with PoI – high-tech thrillers and all.

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