CBS Picks up Four Comedies 'Mom', 'The Millers', 'Crazy Ones' & 'We Are Men' + Dramas 'Intelligence' & 'Hostages' (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013

Chuck Lorre


UPDATE: CBS Has also picked up Jerry Bruckheimer's Hostages

CBS has just greenlighted four new comedies: Chuck Lorre's Mom (which was already heavily rumored to be a lock), The Millers (starring Will Arnett), Crazy Ones (starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar), and We Are Men (starring Chris Smith,  Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub and Jerry O’Connell).

CBS has also picked up Drama Intelligence with Lost's Josh Holloway

  • Alex

    @Petar Ivanov
    I’m really going to need you to explain all these glaring similarities between Intelligence and Person of Interest.

    Person of Interest – A show about a man who builds a machine that can predict crimes before they happen and the former CIA agent who tries to stop them

    Intelligence – A show about a US Cyber Command agent that is implanted with a microchip that allows him to access the electromagnetic spectrum and the team that support him

    Besides both shows using nonsensical ‘technology’ as part of their core premise what do they have in common? And Person of Interest isn’t even close to being the first show to do that.

  • reedmac

    Hostages picked up for 15 episodes

  • Owen

    Hostages has been picked up for 15 episodes.

  • Hubert R. Wentland

    oh, so I suppose no more comedy pick-ups – too bad, I was really hoping Friends With Better Lives could make it, it looked like a perfect match to Monday line-up!

  • Petar Ivanov


    You will be so disappointed after 5 days. With that logic TAHM should be cancel because lost more than 2 full points from TBBT lead-out.(lead out not rating) CBS will need money to advertise new shows not to advertise(new spot/day) and moving their second best drama. THINK.

  • Dennis

    everyone about the four JAG-spin-off or third NCIS Spin-off?

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I would prefer Sarah on Ringer but i guess that ship has sailed (for now). Hopefully CBS and the audience will be more gentle to Miss Gellar on this sitcom. My replacement for Go On …still mourning :(

  • Ultima

    Per Deadline, the CBS pilots still in serious contention are the dramas Backstrom and Beverly Hills Cop and the multi-cam sitcom Friends with Better Lives.

  • tim_m

    @reedmac You got a source for Happy Endings cancellation?

  • Doug

    With CBS picking up 4, I’m pretty sure they’ll go for 2 hours on Thursday. There’s really no other way to fit them in. The may also leave a gap open for ROE to come back in case of failures. As for moving POI, it’s now in the mid-2s – it’s not like moving the Holy Grail or anything.

  • Alex

    Multi-cam Friends with Better Lives apparently still in contention along with dramas Beverly Hills Cop and Backstorm.

    I think CBS might take the plunge into a two hour comedy block on Thursday.

    Big Bang Theory / Two and a Half Men / Crazy Ones / We Are Men / Drama

    If the single cameras bomb they can pull them and move the 10PM drama to 9PM and juggle something from Friday or Sunday to that Thursday 10PM slot. Maybe hold something back until a November/October return or debut and see if its needed. Or just stick with poor single camera numbers until midseason and shuffle the deck then. They have enough drama options to be able to do that so they might as well give it a shot. If it doesn’t work they can at least say they tried.

  • Ultima

    You got a source for Happy Endings cancellation?

    Twitter: @Variety_Cynthia

  • Cory


    Then CBS should have kept TBBT on Monday, since it’s was really hard to promote new time for that show. THINK

  • Petar Ivanov


    so only 2 single cams? bad move cbs. bad move. They need at least one more single cam. these to can ended fast as all single cam block.

  • tim_m

    POI spring numbers were lower last year too. I would be shocked if it isn’t back in the 3’s come the fall.

  • Sonny

    So wait…
    Which of these shows are live audience sitcoms and which are single cam no audience ones?

  • ToXiX


    8 How I Met Your Mother
    830 Mom
    9 2 Broke Girls
    930 Mike & Molly


    9 Crazy Ones
    930 We Are Men


    8 The Big Bang Theory
    830 Two And A Half Men

  • Petar Ivanov

    Ok we will see who need to think after 5 days. You know. Remmember that.

  • Ultima

    Which of these shows are live audience sitcoms and which are single cam no audience ones?

    Crazy Ones and We Are Men are single-cam; Mom and The Millers are multi-cam.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Alex who said (about POI’s The Machine):

    that somehow magically predicts crimes despite that making absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    Easy enough. Most of us are very predictable we get up, drink coffee, go to work, head back home, eat supper in front of the tv, go to bed. We even react to things in predictable ways.

    Also, Odds Makers such as Gambling & Stock Market are all based on trying to predict things.

    The machine apparently has really figured us all out. At least all our “As of right now, Destiny’s”. Which means if you are willing to believe in Destiny or at least predictability behaviors, then it all is possible.

    It’s also not like they are usually given that much warning. Meaning that it is still hard to predict far in the future, only when it’s more imminent. BTW, it “hears” all the conversations of everybody as well, w/n camera/phone shot & it “reads” all the transactions like emails/purchases etc.

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