'Chicago Fire' Spinoff 'Chicago PD' Ordered by NBC

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May 10th, 2013

Chicago Fire - Season 1

NBC has ordered the Chicago PD  spinoff of Chicago Fire to series.

  • Alex

    SVU to Thursday @10pm?

    I’d been leaning toward Ironside for that slot.

    But I assume you think they’ll go Chicago Fire at 9 and Chicago PD at 10 on Wednesday? Not convinced by that. It surely won’t be good for Chicago Fire to move to that slot. God this is just such an awful pick-up…

    Maybe they’ll hold SVU back. I’m sure something will bomb straight out of the gate after all. SVU could be a good replacement.

  • j

    Erm, it does deserve renewal, but a spinoff? Yeesh.

    Isn’t Dick Wolf the producer? So what is this, like, Law & Order: Chicago?

  • Stuart

    @J They should have just called it that. I’d be more likely to watch it then.

  • Ultima

    If I’m counting it well, they now have 6 new dramas

    Yes – Dracula, Crossbones, Believe, Crisis, Ironside and Chicago PD. The Blacklist will probably be picked up as well.

    This year they had five new dramas, last year they had six (excluding summer series).

  • Alex

    If I’m counting it well, they now have 6 new dramas with that Crossbones thing, I think that’s one more than the previous season?

    Correct on both counts. And from all accounts they aren’t done yet with at least one more drama pick-up to come. For those that might care NBC started this season with a total of 9 drama series. They already have 11 for next season.

  • BigBrotherFan


    I just can’t see them going with a new show Thursday at 10pm because it’s clearly not even close to working for them. I can see a show like SVU maintain some decent numbers (like mid 1’s Thursday @10pm)..Hmm..But CBS could really screw NBC by moving a bigger show there too!

  • Donj1973

    Looks like Jon Seda will be moving over to the spinoff as well.

    With Chicago Fire doing relatively well for a 1st year drama, I can see them doing some cross promotion and 2 part episodes that link the shows together. Question is, do you use Fire as a lead? Or keep Fire a 10pm show?

  • Dontryl Alexander

    I was thinking about changing the title to Law & Order: Chicago.

  • Alex

    I just can’t see them going with a new show Thursday at 10pm because it’s clearly not even close to working for them…

    I kind of agree which is why I was leaning toward Ironside which while technically a new show has some name value to it. Had Hannibal held up better I would have gone with Dracula taking that Thursday 10PM slot but now I’m less convinced and starting to come round to the idea of a Grimm/Dracula pairing on Friday nights. Although I’m still unconvinced that Rock Center won’t stay Friday 10PM and I can’t see Dracula or Grimm taking the 8PM hour.

  • Ralph Hahn

    “Chicago: DPW” for summer 2015.

  • HalCapone

    Ugghhh! What’s next, a reboot of Emergency and C.H.I.P.S?

  • BigBrotherFan


    This pick up really makes a mess of their later in the week schedule. I think NBC is going to stay away from dark theme serials on Thursday at 10pm so there is no way Dracula will go there. I also think NBC may make Friday a news magazine night and Grimm might move because it really (as of now) as the best retention of voice episode (not airing on wed).m

  • k:Alex

    Spin-offs could be a bigger success as the original was.
    Look to NCIS or The Office US.

  • Shepherd


    ROOKIE BLUE 2.0?

    I’m thinking more like; NYC 21 2.0. lol

  • StevenD

    My thinking is SVU goes to Friday just incase a show fails and it can swoop in. It repeats on USA network decently Fridays, so I don’t see why not

    I hope the spin off and Chicago fire go on different nights, that two hour block wouldn’t be capable of having big numbers. I highly doubt both the spin off and Ironside would debut in the fall, so one could go in mid season

  • Shepherd

    Of course, not having any notion of what the show might be like, I could also see it doing better than CF has. Cop shows are more popular, and the only decent character on CF is the ‘cop brother’.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Posted May 10, 2013 at 11:24 AM
    “Interesting to see those agreeing with me in this thread when only last Wednesday, I was accused of bashing CF for pointing out exactly what I did here with people saying “it IS a hit for NBC, performs so well for the network, one of their highest rated new dramas”… etc.”

    I can’t find one post asserting,like you, that Chicago Fire itself should not have been renewed. I only see folks questing whether it warrants a spin-off.

    Prehaps you need to get your eyes checked ;-)

  • Cyrax86

    @Alex @Ultima, Thanks. I think 12 dramas would not only mean bye bye for Hannibal but also cutting one of the sitcom hours, presumably on Wednesday due to the Dick Wolf night theories.

  • Alex

    I’ll be eternally surprised if Grimm isn’t back on Friday night come the Fall. Whether it stays there for the entire season is another question entirely but I don’t think its done well enough to warrant moving it away from where it works and taking a slot that could (and should) be given to a new show. If those fail they can always parachute it back in later.

    As with Fox though I’m really looking forward to see how NBC claims they’re going to get all of these shows onto their schedules. They’ve also presumably got at least one cycle of Biggest Loser and potentially another season of Celebrity Apprentice to slot in as well which would mean they can’t just say they’re going to load Sunday with drama midseason.

  • The End


    Yes, because the show with those ratings is doing well on the network by the networks standards.

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