'Chicago Fire' Spinoff 'Chicago PD' Ordered by NBC

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May 10th, 2013

Chicago Fire - Season 1

NBC has ordered the Chicago PD  spinoff of Chicago Fire to series.

  • bjssp

    I don’t think this will be on Thursdays. If NBC decides to completely reboot the night, which it might and which it definitely should, something like Crisis, After Hours/Night Shift, or The Blacklist will go there.

  • Glue

    They could have made a spinoff of the office. Jim And Pam, perhaps?

  • Jenna

    Yikes…you know things are bad at your network when you’re launching “spin-offs” for luke-warm quasi-hits…

  • Carl

    I’m sure this will do OK for them, and I can see why they would want to move away from the more experimental dramas that aren’t performing well, but I wonder if this will hurt Chicago Fire, if viewers see them as redundant.

  • Ted Craig


    They already had a proven spin-off for The Office (sort of): “The Accountants.”
    That’s what I would have gone with.

  • Ted Craig

    So, let’s do the math. NBC needs to fill 15 hours, correct? They have picked up 2 hours of comedies, returning one half-hour for 2.5 hours. They have 12 hours of dramas. They have at least one “news” show. And then there’s The Voice. That’s more than 15. Of course, those will be spread out over the season, but at least one of Go On, Community and TNN seems like it has to go, not to mention Hannibal.

  • Tommy M.

    Seems like NBC is cutting back their comedy hours next season, or they want a lot on their bench to replace failures. Just seems like they’ve ordered a lot of drama series this year.

  • Holly

    @Ted Craig,

    . NBC needs to fill 15 hours, correct?

    Don’t forget the additional 4 hours in spring

  • Dan

    Cancel HanniFLOP!

  • WLB

    I actually think in theory The Chicago Fire Spin off is a good idea. A quick look at there new and returning dramas shows a lot of serial dramas that generally repeat badly. Procedural dramas are generally self contained and repeat better. If NBC is ever going to recover, it is going to have to get back to the time when it had a mixture of serial dramas that generally do well in the demo, and get buzz, and precedural dramas that generally repeat better, and attract the slight older, more mass market audience.

    It probably doesnt hinder the fact it would be a Universal/ Wolfe production.

  • Cyrax86

    Go On is history according to Variety.

  • bjssp


    Thank you! There’s actually quite a bit of open real estate on NBC right now, even when you go beyond the Monday-Thursday schedule.

  • WLB

    Forgot to mention, NBC has the winter Olympics next year. So NBC might have decided to load up on inventory, launch minimal new product in the fall, say just the Thursday comedies so they can advertise them fully, and leave the rest for a big launch post Olympics.

  • bjssp

    Hey, what ever happened to that Gilded Age show from Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes? Did it never make it past the script stage?

  • Jazz

    Go On. Wow NBC is really cleaning house. I thought for sure Matthew Perry would be enough to keep it. There’s no way they are holding on to The New Normal now?

  • Holly

    They have 12 hours of dramas.

    Help me out on this:
    I thought they had 5 renewed (Revolution, Parenthood, Grimm, Chicago Fire, SVU) and 5 new (Rake, Crisis, Believe, Ironside, Chicago PF). What am I missing?

  • Ted Craig


    Crossbones and Dracula, both straight-to-series.

  • BigBrotherFan


    I’m not so sure about that. I am pretty confidant it could easily break a two after the Monday episode of the VOICE so it’s not really like it’s doing bad compared to recent retention for Revolution Monday!

  • Ted Craig

    Well, Go On solves part of that problem.

  • Wright

    Firefighters are one thing, but another police show….Hell No!!!

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