'Chicago Fire' Spinoff 'Chicago PD' Ordered by NBC

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May 10th, 2013

Chicago Fire - Season 1

NBC has ordered the Chicago PD  spinoff of Chicago Fire to series.

  • Holly

    @Ted Craig,

    Ah, forgot about them. Are those both 13-ep series or full?

  • Alex

    Crossbones and Dracula, both straight-to-series.

    Although worth mentioning that Dracula will only be on in the Fall. Its an international co-production that will likely stay at 10-13 episode orders per season (assuming it goes more than one). Crossbones meanwhile won’t appear until Spring at the earliest. Its not set to go into production until the end of this year so may end up debuting around the same time as Hannibal this year or be pushed into summer outright. It has a similar production/financing model to Hannibal as well.

  • Alex

    Ah, forgot about them. Are those both 13-ep series or full?

    They’re both 10 episode orders.

  • Alex

    I’m not so sure about that. I am pretty confidant it could easily break a two after the Monday episode of the VOICE so it’s not really like it’s doing bad compared to recent retention for Revolution Monday!

    I’m not saying that Grimm is doing badly (although it isn’t doing spectacularly well either) just that its not doing so well that NBC will feel compelled to keep it behind The Voice in favour of trying a new show in those slots. Its also quite nice to have it sitting on Friday night knowing that if you need to you can parachute it into holes elsewhere and it’ll do reasonable enough numbers.

    Grimm goes back to Friday. A new show gets Monday 10PM (Blacklist is still my pick for that slot). Revolution maybe gets Tuesday 9PM out of The Voice.

  • Gio

    Couldn’t NBC just wait to see how will Chicago Fire manage its ratings on season 2? It has only a season, for God’s sake!

  • Joey

    I love Chicago fire and I feel like it’s a good idea. It’s my favourite new show this season.

  • David

    I don’t see why this is such a surprise. It’s a Dick Wolf cop show. NBC has done well with those over the years. They don’t need to wait and make sure that Chicago Fire is a long-term success before launching Chicago PD.

  • Melanie P.

    Excited to be checking this out.

  • fred

    I hope they arent lining up this new Chicago Fire spin off as a longterm cheaper cop show replacement for SVU. Why else would they order two cop shows in one stable?

  • Derrick

    it was called Chicago Code, and it was on FOX just 1 season ago. just saying.

    It was good too.

  • Chuck_T

    It’s strange they did a spin off of this show but decided not to do the Office spin-off ‘The Farm’?? which I think could have done almost as well as The Office in its last couple of seasons, at least.

  • Justin121

    I thought the spin-off would be something like Miami Fire, but whatever. I think this is a good move for NBC.

    Don’t pull a L&O / NCIS, though.

    Spread Fire, PD, SVU over three nights (give Parnethood a 9 or 8 pm slot).

  • bob


  • Justin121

    The Office spin-off might’ve been a good idea over half a decade ago…

    On second thought, 30 Rock and even Modern Family could be thought of as Office spin-offs / products of success.

  • LeighLee

    I love Chicago Fire, but I’m not too sure about this spin-off. Maybe the back door pilot episode will sway me.

  • richard

    well, i used to watch this show. just stopped for some reason. i liked it, just never found time. i might catch up. dont even bother watching much tv. not cause im trying to be snobby or holier than thou, just kind of got bored. i waste my time in other ways now :)

  • Phil

    No thanks!

  • Robert

    That is just stupid, NBC should have just kept Chicago Code if they wanted a cop show based in Chicago….

  • Holly


    Chicago Code was on FOX.

  • GreenGreenGreenRed

    Is this a version of the new Law & Order spin-off Dick Wolf claimed he had in mind to create? I had a feeling it would be set in Chicago.

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