'Chicago Fire' Spinoff 'Chicago PD' Ordered by NBC

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May 10th, 2013

Chicago Fire - Season 1

NBC has ordered the Chicago PD  spinoff of Chicago Fire to series.

  • jay

    Good news! Chicago Fire is absolutely fantastic and will be on for years. Great cast, writing, etc. It had to stand on its own and did. No push from The Voice like Revolution got. CF would be NBC’s top freshman drama otherwise.

  • KJ Styles

    Anybody who’s screen name is Big Brother Fan and talks smack about other shows’ quality is obviously a spammer. Big Brother is horrendous. It’s like the Jersey Shore of network TV.

    I hope Hannibal gets renewed but I doubt it will. Either way though, it’s better than Big Brother could ever dream of being…just my 2 cents.

  • ann

    I’m a huge Chicago Fire fan but I think this spinoff is not a good idea.

  • No_Lie

    @Dante – You really don’t understand anything about ratings except the number, do you? Chicago Fire was put in a time slot against CSI, a veteran former #1 show that still maintains a loyal audience, and against Nashville, the pre-season darling of all the critics. It also had the weakest lead-in with the creaky SVU up against solid hits on the other networks. The show was predicted to be quickly cancelled. But instead it has hung in there and been competitive in the time slot and has built on it’s lead-in audience almost every week which is an extremely positive sign that it can stand on it’s own. Now, does that mean it will continue to build next season? Not necessarily, but NBC was absolutely correct to renew it.

    That said, I do agree that it was probably too soon to do a spinoff, but this is what Dick Wolf likes to do so it should have been expected.

  • Meg

    You all are crazy!! Chicago Fire is amazing and recent ratings show that!!

  • SarahL

    The fantastic Eamonn Walker carries Chicago Fire. If Chicago PD gives more OZ alumni work, I am all for it.

  • Jlopie1

    CF is fine. Bring on Season 2. But how does a first season series merit a spin off already? I fear a big mistake brewing on the horizon!

  • ROLY


  • Amy

    Considering it’s from the same producer I’m surprised they didn’t call it Law & Order: Chicago.

  • Tom

    “Hill Street Blues” was the the greatest Chicago police drama. Let’s see how this one compares.

  • Katherine

    Chicago Fire is a great show, the writing is amazing and great story lines, if Chicago Fire would of have been on CBS it would of have been a hit, and with so much better ratings. Give the spin off a chance, I am not really into cop shows but if it gets picked up I would give it a try.

  • Feedback


    You do realize that the show has ALREADY been picked up, right? That’s why this article exists in the first place.

  • Wade

    Chicago fire is an awesome show. For those of us fire fighters living near the Chicago land area it’s something to connect with and it actually follows realistic actions of real fire fighters. Yeah maybe it isn’t a hit for everyone but its better than a lot of other shows. Happy to hear they are renewing it. As far as Chicago PD, I could care less

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