'Community' Renewed for Fifth Season by NBC (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013


Community has been renewed for a fifth season by NBC. Update: the order was for 13 episodes.

  • mathurin

    Six seasons and a movie !!!

  • sitcomlover

    Don’t think that 4th season was all that bad. Didn’t think 3rd was as good as 1 or 2, with some exceptions. Hey folks, it’s all subjective. There is always the hope that the best is yet to come. Yeah, I doubt it, but just to have new shows makes me happy. For me, the best show of the century (OK, its only 13+ years), but I’m hooked. Really want the new NBC sitcoms to bomb…making Community look better. Like Parks & Rec, but hope it doesn’t do too well at 8. Maybe NBC will someday realize what a great show they had with Community, but of course they won’t.

  • Mitsu

    Season 4 was such a rushed job and it was such a mess too, I didnt really like that many of the episodes in season 4 and I am a bit pissed with the fact that only 13 episodes for another season? Come on! Lets just hope season 5 is more cleaned up because Season 4 was a bit of a disaster…

  • Big Bang Theory is Streets Behind!

    For Great Justice!!11elevenoneone

    It’s only just to have this great show renewed for a full 22-24 episode season. Boring, formulaic & stereotype-reinforcing Big Bang Theory should be the one cancelled despite its lowest-common denominator ratings.

  • Marius

    Not a surprise. But I have a wicked Spider-sense that this is the last season.

  • Graham

    I am kind of disappointed… I thought it made sense having a college-based show end after 4 years. They got their degrees and moved on.

    Now we have to sit through another 13 eps just to squeeze the show comfortably into sydication, at the cost of creating the show without the forerunner Dan Harmon. Seasons 1-3 all had their moments, Season 4 without Dan Harmon fell apart, had a lot of rough edges and just many things seemed like they needed another rewrite. I will definitely watch since I have been a fan since the pilot, but I think to real community fans this is as disappointing as it is uplifting.

    Yes, content is great. But quality content is better and I am afraid thats not what we will be getting.

  • Damion

    Six seasons and a movie

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