'Community' Renewed for Fifth Season by NBC (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013


Community has been renewed for a fifth season by NBC. Update: the order was for 13 episodes.

  • DoSch

    Fantastic news, I am so glad. Now ABC, please renew Happy Endings!

  • Paul

    YES! The biggest problem with the fourth season wasn’t quality of writing, it was rushed story arcs. Heck, the first episode of the season felt like they tried to fit four different episodes into one because of the shortened season. I’ve love if this was a full season order, because in the later part of the season “Community” was starting to get its groove back.

  • SJ

    Great! :) Hopefully it’s for 16 episodes so that it hits that magical 100.

  • k:Alex

    Yes, Final season or not, wise choice!

  • Mike

    Six seasons and a movie indeed

  • jsb

    How many episodes?

  • bluelp85


  • Ultima

    NBC/Sony deal…

    In addition to Community’s renewal, NBC has picked up dramas The Blacklist and Night Shift along with the sitcom Welcome to the Family.

  • CrimTV

    NBC picks up Blacklist, Welcome to the Family and Night Shift to series.

  • FredA


  • CrimTV


    Sorry, posted before I saw the comment

  • Tommy M.

    I don’t know enough about NBC’s pilots. I wonder if they plan to pair this with Parks and Rec, or would one of their new comedy’s go with P&R?

  • Mike

    NBC just announced they picked up 2 more dramas and a sitcom

    Night shirt

    Welcome to the family

  • gerry

    good for the fans of community! it will pair well with p&r wherever they end up placing them. surely its the final season, so enjoy, fans!

    so we’re still waiting on the new normal? who knew THAT comedy would be the hold out. ryan murphy must be throwing snits all around nbc studios right now…

  • andy

    Good ol NBC making sure to start another night with a mid 1 demo. Keep workin that magic NBC.

  • American

    Congrats, Community fans! 10 p. of comments, and a movie!

  • Pat

    Expecting 13 episodes, hoping for 16, praying for a full 22.

  • Cougar Town Forever


  • Potato

    This show attracts 2 kinds of viewers. The first are critic types, amateur and professional reviewers who take it in turn to pick at the show and look for reasons to hate it. The second are people who like the fact that a bright, not always perfect, and overwhelmingly friendly show that celebrates brightness, the world’s imperfections, and friendship will be around to put a smile on their face and make a pop culture reference. I hail from the second camp, and this news just made my day,

  • Jefferson

    Cool, cool cool cool

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