'Community' Renewed for Fifth Season by NBC (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013


Community has been renewed for a fifth season by NBC. Update: the order was for 13 episodes.

  • Ultima

    This is now 13 dramas and 8 sitcoms for NBC next season. It’s entirely possible no more pickups or renewals are coming.

  • Oliver

    I’m convinced NBC timed this to bury the ABC renewal announcements :lol:

    Still, an amazing renewal. Who would have guessed Community would be renewed last fall?

  • Petar Ivanov

    smart move. They don’t need to spend money to advertise it vs TBBT! The same woth park and r. Ohter two sitcoms is what they will spend money for.

    I guess is was between this and new normal.

  • merrranga

    this must be evil abed’s doing…

  • Zach

    Six seasons and a movie. Woohoo!

  • Oliver

    I just hope that season 5 is far better than season 4 after this miracle.

  • Jeff

    Yay! Last nights season finale left the door just a tad open for renewal. Makes sense for NBC to leave it Thursdays @8 rather than throw a new comedy against tbbt

  • Dan S

    I’m guessing Thur will start with Community, P&R, MJF then another new comedy like Family Guide. This renewal doesn’t surprise me but I expect Community will have a shortened final season like 30 Rock. So which shows will get on the fall schedule ? Obviously they’ll have a lot of shows waiting in the wings for those new shows that falter.

  • Dave

    Wow the worst comedy on TV renewed i’ll look forward to it dropping below a 1.0 next season lol

  • AO’s Sock Puppet Account

    Potato said:

    “This show attracts 2 kinds of viewers. The first are critic types, amateur and professional reviewers who take it in turn to pick at the show and look for reasons to hate it. The second are people who like the fact that a bright, not always perfect, and overwhelmingly friendly show that celebrates brightness, the world’s imperfections, and friendship will be around to put a smile on their face and make a pop culture reference. I hail from the second camp, and this news just made my day,”

    What about those who watch because Alison Brie has a great rack?!?

  • Potato

    @AO’s Sock Puppet Account–

    Don’t be silly! That’s EVERYBODY!!!!

  • CJ

    After the disaster that was season 4, hopefully it can only go up.

  • TV Addict

    Six seasons and a movie! Six seasons and a movie!!!! This better not be a final season order, I’m sure all of next year’s comedies will fail too, right? RIGHT?!? I don’t care if it is pulling Nikita numbers by the end of next season, it NEEDS six seasons and a movie. No option. Done deal. That’s it, it’s done. Six seasons and a movie. Great news. Cool, cool cool cool.

  • The Zapper

    After today’s Southland cancellation, this has restored my faith in humanity.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @This is now 13 dramas and 8 sitcoms for NBC next season. It’s entirely possible no more pickups or renewals are coming.

    NBC has one big drama off cycle think from csi creator name wonderland. nbc will pick up this one.

  • Bookworm


  • D Collins

    Really you cancel Go On for this garbage.

  • connormurdock

    My question is why did NBC even bother with picking up Sony shows? Wouldn’t they make more off of shows from their own studio? Anyone?

  • Chris

    Thank goodness! After being disappointed at the loss of Go On, this is happy, happy news!!! Parks and Rec won’t be the only returning NBC sitcom after all.

  • theCroup


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