'Community' Renewed for Fifth Season by NBC (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013


Community has been renewed for a fifth season by NBC. Update: the order was for 13 episodes.

  • Cass

    With Go On, Whitney and Guys with Kids kaput, I was hoping it would spell good news for Community. And hurrah, it did! :D

  • Jazz

    Brenda Forever is obviously dead (it was also produced by Sony).

    Shows left in consideration for NBC…

    Sitcoms – Assistance, Ellickson/Robinson, The New Normal

    Dramas – I Am Victor, Hannibal

    Does anyone know if these announcements could come after today? I mean it is Friday evening in most parts of the country.

  • Em J

    Well I am happy for you lot I have never watched it personally but herd quite a lot about it! Might give it a go! Congrats Community cast and fans! :D <3

  • AO

    connormurdock asked

    “My question is why did NBC even bother with picking up Sony shows? Wouldn’t they make more off of shows from their own studio? Anyone?”

    If all their shows were guaranteed to succeed then yes, but realistically… there is no way that happens. This way spreads out the risk and Sony has proven to spend lots of extra money to keep their shows alive. If they’re willing to pay so much that NBC almost gets to keep a ratings challenged show for free then it gives them more options down the line.

  • Penny

    Now if ABC renewed HE I would kiss the ground they walk on.

  • AO

    Announcements might still arrive, though they’ll undoubtedly slow down. We’ll possibly see a leaked schedule or two over the weekend

  • AO

    @ Penny,

    SoilerTV says that it was sadly cancelled. There were rumors that USA might be interested in it when that happened.

  • Alice


    According to a couple of articles reporting Bryan fuller himself, hannibal’s fate may be decided after upfronts, my guess would be due to its extremely cheap cost they’re willing to give it a little more time to look at the ratings.

    Honestly I’m just hoping it goes to cablel eventually….shouldn’t be on nbc.

    Yay for community :D

  • RidersDX

    YES, wish it was a full season but with those ratings I guess I understand. Still, NBC would be hard pressed to find something that’d hold up that well against TBBY and idol.

  • Alice

    I should clarify cheapER costs than non co productions, probs still pretty expensive

  • brandojames

    I’ve loved Community so far. But this last season I haven’t been able to get into very well. Maybe it was the hiatus, I don’t know. But I’m glad for more episodes.

  • TV Addict

    13 episodes is fine, as long as this isn’t the final seasons. I would be happy with 25,24,22,13,13,6 for the episodes per seasons. AS LONG AS IT GETS SIX SEASONS!!!! Then it can easily kickstarter a movie in record time. SO PUMPED. #sixseasonsandamovie

  • Pat

    Only 13 episodes? Ugh, I hate you NBC.

    You couldn’t give us a pity 16 and be done with it?

  • Guardian Owl

    Gotta keep their sacrificial lamb around to go up against the Big Bang Theory

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    If people just said five seasons and a movie they might get what they want. It won’t get anymore episodes, but I could see a movie

  • Maxim

    I don’t like Community, i just can’t get into it. But for some reason i am happy.

  • Jazz

    @AO and @Alice

    Thank you AO and Alice. I gotta get back to my project. This is crazy. Never followed this before.

    Still wondering what the hold up is with TNN, unless they forgot and went home for the weekend.

    It’s good though. Two days ago my show was cancelled but now one is picked up so this is good.

  • Ultima

    Still wondering what the hold up is with TNN, unless they forgot and went home for the weekend.

    NBC has cancled The New Normal.

  • TVDude


    I’m happy for Community fans for a similar reason that I was happy for CBS’s Rules of Engagement fans last year. I love when underdogs that the network hopes to replace win out. Community defied the odds, again.

  • Ekras

    Well at least it’s likely to be the final season…..

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