'Community' Renewed for Fifth Season by NBC (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013


Community has been renewed for a fifth season by NBC. Update: the order was for 13 episodes.

  • Dan

    @James – Maybe not Six Seasons and a Movie. Abed would be content with 5 Seasons and a Comedy Central Syndication Deal.

  • David

    I figured this would happen. An unfunny show with a cult following and a poor 18-49 viewership – NBC shows why it really doesn’t want to climb out of the ratings cellar.

  • Davie

    Yes!!!! Yes yes yes.

  • Jay

    If you look at it by the numbers, this makes sense. The last episode of this season had the same 18 to 49, and improved in total viewers by 600,000 viewers. For all the fury that some fans have leveled at Community post-Harmon era, it’s still drawing in the same type of numbers. I for one am overjoyed that it has been renewed. I’m gonna go watch the season finale now.

  • Ethan

    NBC did something right! Now bump that 13 up to 24 and bring back Dan Harmon (not a Harmon fanboy, but I do think he would help).

  • ThreatLevelOrange

    13 is better than zero, but I’m with you Ethan. From a storyline standpoint, I’d rather NBC do a definitive final season with over 20 or more episodes as opposed to possibly having another 13 episode sixth season. A show like Community is better with more episodes because you can take more risks. Most shows get stale after 5 or 6 seasons anyway (see The Office, any procedural)

    I’m actually not sure the new writers are all to blame. Community was Harmon’s brainchild so the actors were more willing (or less for Chase) to defer to him. It was clear the actors had too much input, which led to a lot of overacting and character promotion instead of storyline.

    Is there any real talk of a movie? I wonder if Community fans will be as organized as Arrested Development fans are after the show inevitably wraps up.

  • Winston

    I think that NBC is done with community after this. But I see COmedy central producing a 10 episode 6th season. Jut for the whole six seasons and a movie clause.

  • ihatetheoffice

    Sad..i hope nbc wises up and cancels this and parks…both suck and if they wanna find a younger audience it most certainly is not with these two shows.

  • David Howell

    Reckoning on these thirteen plus a feature-length episode next year that gets launched on DVD first and ends up as four episodes for Comedy Central later.

    Ergo, #6seasonsandamovie in the sneakiest way possible.

    Given that none of the other awful rated comedies have to face TBBT, I’m pretty sure Community is the strongest of the lot. Good call renewing it.

  • mmogaddict

    6 seasons and a movie !

  • John


    You DO know that Community’s ratings tend to skew very young, right? Their 18-34 ratings have always been strong.

    Unless by young you mean like REALLY young…in which case NBC should just pick up Spongebob.

  • Steve

    @TV Addict Yes, I did watch the entire 4th season on-demand (the idiots at NBC put it up against The Big Bang Theory which I never miss, but I did watch every episode of Community during the 4th season).

    A lot of people had told me that true nerds watch Community instead of The Big Bang Theory. Well, seeing as the latter averages me about 5-6 real solid laughs an episode, I figured I’d give it a try since it was so well received. I still say Big Bang is worlds better, just because it’s genuinely funny. I have not laughed at a sitcom that hard in years.

    oh and I’m very fun, Sen.

  • Cyrax86

    So the 8 pm hour will be same ol’ on NBC because they don’t want to waste anything against TBBT and The X-Factor? Or they keep both Community and P&R for replacing DOA sitcoms?

  • Janice

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH Community!!! NBC totally made my week today!
    it’s always nice to see a high-quality, high-concept comedy being renewd, even if by a very low margin.
    Although I think the key factor here is that NBC did’nt want to throw to the wolves anything else against tbbt and that rumor hs it community is very cheap to produce, even cheaper without Chevy Chase…and the whole comprehensive sony-deal matter of course.
    Now let the battle for season #6 (and of course the movie) BEGIN

  • Abed

    Cool, Cool Cool Cool

  • Murray

    Community > Big Bang Theory

  • MrTemecula

    Waaat? Whaaaaaaat!

  • MyNameIsAlex

    I used to love TBBT the first few seasons where it was genuinly funny. I think creativily it has run its course a while ago, most of the time the gags just feel forced and characters are beeing bent just to make a gag work which often make me cringe in the last episodes. Also mind you just because I laugh at an episode more than on another doesn’t mean I enjoyed it more, there are several other factors that play into it.
    That beeing said, Community is going down the same lane right now with the new showrunners who are more focused on providing fanservice than coming up with new creative storylines.

  • Samunto

    Now only remains the schedules. NBC will probably release theirs tomorrow.

  • Jack

    COMMUNITY was once great but now is a pathetic shadow of its old self. Firing Dan Harmon resulted in nothing positive.

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