'Community' Renewed for Fifth Season by NBC (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013


Community has been renewed for a fifth season by NBC. Update: the order was for 13 episodes.

  • networkman

    The renewal of Community is great news. Why not just order 16 episodes to get to a total of 100 and then end it?

  • Cougar Town Forever


    This is the show that literally coined the term “six seasons and a movie”. There is going to be a lot of pressure by Community fans to renew the show for a sixth season.

    Community seems to have found a niche for itself as the Thursday 8pm sacrificial lamb/spackle for NBC. No one expects it to be the centerpiece of the NBC line-up, but by the end of this season it was outperforming EVERY new NBC sitcom released in the last 3 years. If next year goes as well for NBC sitcoms as this year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it back for a short sixth season.

  • TV Viewer

    Big surprise, as the ratings were far lower than The Big Bang Theory, American Idol and frequently the same as Wife Swap on ABC. Also, Thursday’s episode, with a graduation ceremony, looked like a series finale to me, and many other people as well.

    Thanks NBC for giving Community another season. It’s a very funny show.

  • joel

    Must… have…. even number of sitcoms. Community is indeed one of the two best sitcoms on NBC, and arguably the best.

  • Josh


  • Mike

    I think this renewal announcement speaks to the sad state of NBC.

  • xuc

    Anyone else kinda disappointed to hear this? I was happy that the show had ended before it lost all dignity.

  • Steve

    Here’s what I think about it in a nutshell. NBC should move Community to 9 P.M. on Thursday and here’s the straight reason why.

    Ratings for Community are dreadful. In fact, they’re only one-fifth that of The Big Bang Theory. Simply put, they’re up against too much competition. Between TBBT and AI, you have two networks putting up close to 30 million viewers a week.

    The 9:00 hour, against Glee and Person of Interest, has much less competition (only about 19 million people watch that show and you lose about 40% in 18-49, which is a prime picking ground for NBC to succeed with it.

    Quite honestly, the fans deserve better. Thursday at 9 would be better. They could even run an ad “Watch their nerds, then watch ours”.

  • Meow


    Sadly, I think the reason why NBC renewed Community is because they do not want to take risks by sacrificing a new show at Thursdays at 8. Even with low ratings, Community is still performing okay compared to the other comedies at NBC with way lighter competition because of its fans. It’s better for NBC to launch new sitcoms at easier timeslots to lower ad costs, such as Thursdays at the 9pm hour, instead of wasting money to cancel new shows because they tanked at that time slot, like what happened to the new ABC dramas at the same timeslot this year.

  • Mike

    @ xuc:

    I totally agree. This season was bad enough without Dan Harmon. But now they go and renew it after already basically giving it a series finale. It just feels like the quality is only going to get worse.

  • NudieBarVIP

    cool. cool cool cool.

  • Steve

    Let me ask you guys a question, and this is an honest inquiry. I’m not being abusive or anything.

    The ratings for Community have fallen season by season. You’re no longer seeing 4 million viewers and 3 millions are rare. The ratings could eventually drop below 2 million viewers. It came pretty close a couple of times this season.

    Would you guys be okay with the very real possibility that the ratings would fall to such a level that NBC would be insane to renew it for the 6th go-around, even with the phrase “Six Seasons and a movie”?

    My opinion is somewhat skewed by the fact I’ve only watched the 4th season. I don’t have a problem with it but as I keep getting told, I’d probably enjoy it more if I watched it from the first episode.

    The other thing to consider is that NBC may have given it a fifth season simply to get it past that 88 episode milestone that allows syndication. Currently the show has 84 episodes. Although short of the 100 episode benchmark that people would want historically, getting it past that 88-episode mark in spite of low ratings may be to get money on the back end. CBS is notorious for this.


  • Warren

    First half of the season was bad, but it picked up nicely.

    And the finale was bad ass. I mean come on….evil timeline PLUS paintball. Awesome.

  • LJ

    Renewal Squirrel outruns the bear once again!

  • Happy Birthday Roboto

    Pop pop!

  • David Howell

    I think that the ratings for NBC comedies across the board are so awful that they could have cancelled all of them except Parks (The Office, with a planned finale, is excluded from this discussion). Incredibly, Community may have been legitimately next on the totem pole in 18-49, plus it’s got a very advertiser-friendly skew (lots of college-educated 18-34s) that means its ad rates are higher than “2 million viewers” would suggest.

    Add that to the syndication considerations and it was clearly the next best sitcom on NBC after Parks for renewal. And as it turns out, the only other one NBC thought worthy of renewal!

    I doubt it’ll get #6seasonsandamovie, but if the 2013 sitcom launch is as catastrophic as the 2012 one…

  • Meow


    Total viewers doesn’t matter now a days. Only the 18-49 demos matter to advertisers. ABC has cancelled shows that were getting 8 million viewers because they skewed very old and their 18-49 demo sucks.
    If you look at Community’s performance this year compared to the other bubble comedies on NBC (Go On and Whitney), it’s getting the same demos (around 1.1-1.3), or even higher, as them even when it’s on the death timeslot. That’s why it went higher on the totem pole and the only other NBC comedy that got renewed this year.
    NBC may put a new comedy at that timeslot and reserve Community as a spackle on Fridays. But, chances of any new shows surviving on that timeslot is very very slim. Community has been proven to resist TBBT, and it’s NBC’s best financial interest to keep Community at Thursday at 8pm. You may not like it, but that’s the only solution that make sense.

  • Potato

    @Steve– If you’ve only seen season 4, you probably don’t know that “six seasons and a movie” is actually quoting a season 2 episode where Abed is obsessed with “The Cape.” So while the phrase is a rallying cry among fans, it’s hardly a realistic goal that anyone expects us to get, with the show so constantly on the verge of cancelation.

  • jason

    I am shocked by this, had heard season 4 was not doing well in the ratings, how did it get renewed? I loved the show, but was so incredibly disappointed by this season. When Dan Harmon left, so did all the originality, silliness, and overall focus of the show. They neutered
    it in an attempt to turn it into every other sitcom on tv. I would have been fine with it ending on the final episode from this season, it was one of the few episodes from this season that felt like the show I used to like. Now chances are we’ll get 13 more episodes of garbage, and end on a sour note instead.

  • Steve

    well, here’s the latest. Parks and Recreation is going to take the 8:00 on Thursday slot for the 2013-14 season (which gives me absolutely no reason to watch it at all). Makes me wonder exactly what in the heck they’re going to do with Community.

    This makes sense with P&R being the highest rated show among the NBC lineup (although given their ratings, I use the term very loosely). They may have finally at least somewhat come to their senses and this could mean a rise in Season 5 ratings.

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