'Go On' & 'The New Normal' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Update: The New Normal has been canceled.

Go On has been canceled after one season. It joins Whitney, 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids and  Up All Night.

  • Jacob

    Wow all the networks across the board did bad with the new shows.

  • Jonathan

    So now only Hannibal and Smash are missing on NBC! Once that Smash is cancelled even without a formal announcement, Hannibal is the last great question. If NBC doesn’t say anything about it today, my guess is that will be canceled. If they wanted to renew it they would say today, but if they’re gonna to kill they might choose not to tell yet so they don’t miss audience.

  • gerry

    ok, new normal is cancelled. that’s only one of my bubbles cancelled and it ended nicely, so i’m ok with it. tcd lives on, and nothing can kill that happy shock.

    as an aside, were all the announcements going to come today ? or did it just work out that way? either way, i’m glad i have my box of wine, today has been stressful!

  • gerry

    @ nbc is awesome

    you are unawesome. not because you wanted tnn cancelled, but because you’re just generally gross and i’m surprised you know how to type, much less post your nonsense on a website.

  • Norcal1


  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I thought i ‘d feel better after TNN’s cancellation but i don’t.

  • Andies

    NBC is cleaning house.. they are cleaning and taking out all the trash lol.. I’m shocked by the New Normal being cancelled…

  • Zth

    It’s good that NBC has cleaned all the trash, maybe they’ll have a chance to soar next year.

  • Alan

    What the hell? I was expecting Go On to get renewed!

  • Paul

    I’m so surprised to hear the “Go On” was cancelled! Gee, one of the few comedy shows that I actually found funny is now gone. Bummer!

  • ron

    TNN buuuuu i was hoping for a season two :( im gonna miss shania… its a good thing they did a closure to their stories

  • Alex

    WTF…I like Community, or at least I used to like before this season…but this season was really just Community lite…so there’s that. And Go On was, at that point, a better show in terms balancing comedy and drama and Matthew Perry was great in it (along with the supporting cast)…that was damn shocking…and yea, NBC lost it…

  • Holly

    Let’s face it, NBC really needed to cancel almost all of its comedies. I’m mildly surprised Community made it. NBC used to be the comedy powerhouse. The weren’t going to get back there or even out of last place in comedies by renewing shows that have already failed to perform.

  • JL

    So…Not ONE Existing Comedy left on NBC worth watching.

  • Ali

    so NBC has listened! only returning comedies are Parks and Recreation and Community and both well deserved. Community’s next season should be its last though.

  • frodo

    NBC made a good decision, they are cleaning house, this gives them a chance to improve for next season.

  • k:Alex

    I’m sure Hannibal will not come back on NBC next season (they have A LOT of new shows).
    But could it go on USA or another cable channel?

    (why I know it sure, the ratings aren’t that good, even for a dead slot, but they don’t own the show. So if NBC stops, it could easily go too another cable channel).

  • Michael1

    “The New Normal” had a nice final episode. Regardless of the ratings, the dynamics of the show would have greatly shifted now that the baby was born. Now, there’s only one show, “Glee”, which is based on Ryan Murphy’s real life experience. I liked the show, but the comedy wasn’t anything special. To recap, good show, great finale, but even had the ratings been higher, the dynamics would have shifted too much to assume that the season 1 audience would have returned.

  • a p garcia

    Best news I’ve heard all day!

  • networkman

    The new comedies this year have all been major disappointments. The Mindy Project’s ratings barely justify its renewal. And The Neighbors is a great quality show but not a real breakout hit. So hopefully the 2013-14 season will bring comedies that have potential to pull in many viewers.

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