'Go On' & 'The New Normal' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Update: The New Normal has been canceled.

Go On has been canceled after one season. It joins Whitney, 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids and  Up All Night.

  • Bob

    I am gay and HATED The New Normal. Glad it is gone!!!! Horrid show.

  • Carmen

    @ Amanda

    Too truthful or too controversial?

  • james

    nope been 24 hours and go on being cancelled is still a kick in the gut type of news :(

  • TeeVeeViewer

    Yes!!! Both of these shows blew major chunks and never should’ve been greenlit in the first place. Could it be that NBC finally acquired some brains in their programming dept.? Time will tell.

  • Jay

    So NBC haven’t completely lost their mind. They really need to cancel Revolution too before it becomes next season’s Smash.

  • Katherine

    The first few episodes of Go on were great and funny, but after the second half of the season the show got stuck, and most of the characters barely had any story lines, it was all about King, so I can understand why the ratings kept dropping. I just feel sad for Matthew Perry because all of his shows keep getting cancel

  • mburns

    Yea for NBC. They tossed all there non-performing comedies like they should have. GOON, New Normal, Whitney, 1600 Penn, UP All Night, Guys with Kids all deserved to get canned.

  • K

    Bye TNN and Go On. Jinx of “Friends” continues with only Jennifer Aniston having success.

  • Mirelle

    NO! Not Go On! I really wanted a 2nd season. It was a such a good, solid, ensemble series. There was so much [more] to do with it…. Sad that another great series is ending all too soon.

    I love Go On, and I will miss it! The entire cast is amazing, and simply perfect within their respective roles. Although I do still wish there will be more with this series, I am grateful for the ONE season it did get. Thank you to the show’s cast and crew for creating this fulfilling, rounded, wonderful series.

  • Naiz

    Go On was great.

  • frodo

    New Normal was beyond cheesy and awful, as a gay man I hated the way they portrayed gay people, as some Liza Minnelli loving idiots who talk in baby voices. This show even made Ellen Barkin useless and I love that woman!

    No offense to the fans but I found this show to be absolutely god awful.

  • jazz

    I loved and recorded both shows… sad

  • BlueTacoGod

    Matthew Perry should give up the sappy, dopey comedies. I see him reprising the role of James Garner in the Rockford Files. Somebody should get that series back on TV.

  • And

    Go On was my favourite show and the only NBC show i was watching. No show will get good ratings on a crappy network(at least no new show).

  • Tom

    @ Frodo

    With few exceptions, I have yet to see television portray gays in any realistic context. The “L Word” might have been the most comprehensive and fair presentation. The cop played by Michael Cudlitz in “Southland” touched on the issue in some meaningful sense. But, for everyone one of those, the networks come up with numerous stereotyped gay characters like on “Will and Grace” or, worse, like David in ‘Glee”. His godawful portrayal of the gay as effeminate fashionista, interior decorator and musical theater devotee is straight out of the 50’s. I finally stopped watching Glee late in season 2 after the episode in which they had him attending prom wearing a kilt. I doubt if many viewers – gay or straight – will miss “the New Normal”, but I’m not optimistic that the networks will ever portray gays realistically.

  • jonnyfrag

    Yet another show where Matthew Perry can’t make it ‘go on’ for more than one season. Some have been better than others (Studio 60 was great and I am STILL pissed there’s only one season of that) but Go On was the one that seemed like it might break the curse. Hey Sorkin, just write Matthew Perry into the Newsroom and get it over with.

  • jonnyfrag

    Since Hannibal is the sole remaining ‘we don’t know’ I have been having the same thoughts. It’s already canned but they don’t want to lose what little audience they have with it. No one wants to watch a murder mystery (even when they know the outcome of many of the characters already…unless they have autonomy to not pay attention to the movie) that is going to end before it’s solved. Hopefully a cable net will pick it up (since that’s where it belongs anyway…FX needs a new show to plug in since SoA is winding down soon)

  • Fred

    There’s a promo picture of New Normal with a pregnant man – and we’re shocked they couldn’t build a fan base? Today – true story – there’s an article of a man who was arrested for sexually abusing his peacock. Maybe that’s the basis for the next NBC sitcom?

  • Gus

    The guys form friends can’t catch a break eh? Would have thought NBC would have kept The New Normal thinking it would be politically sensitive if they got rid of it after one season but they cut it down anyway. Good housekeeping I say.

  • Gina Lollo

    I loved the New Normal and Go On. Those shows were refreshing and touched on many subjects. Now we will go back to lame topic comedies.

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