'Go On' & 'The New Normal' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Update: The New Normal has been canceled.

Go On has been canceled after one season. It joins Whitney, 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids and  Up All Night.

  • Eric

    And that’s why NBC has fallen from the top to the bottom and stayed there… don’t know how to promote and use a good show… can’t wait til next season to watch a new sitcom get axed after one episode.

  • Kate

    Go On was so funny! This stinks.

  • Gareth

    Go On was actually good and might have done well over here in the U.K. American TV channels are bloody awful at maintaining good shows, i mean when you look at it now how many good or potentially great projects have been cancelled by idiots who run the channels and refuse to air programmes that are slightly different to the mould created by Friends, HIMYM etc. Community while people are saying it will likely be renewed needs a serious going over, the standard dropped hugely when compared to the last 3 series to the state where i wouldn’t be laughing at any of the episodes.

  • kristen

    I liked this show a lot, it was cute. People are so judgmental these days. really!!!!! get over it, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it…simple as that.

  • Morarty

    Kristen.. Not watching IS what they were doing. That resulted in low ratings and cancellation.

  • S

    (About ‘Go On’) Incredible and surprising.. All the good shows are been cancelled, wtf :s
    Why dear god WHY?? I think I need Lauren now :P

  • me

    man! why do all good shows have to get cancelled.
    though i feled it coming, didn’t hear any new about Go On for a while.
    i’m ending the first and only season today. missed a couple of episodes.
    good-bye GO ON

  • Vova

    That is ridiculous…. Go on is a hilarious show and they canceled it,,,, :(
    i wish it continued,,,,

  • CarlT

    Community sucks! The worst show on TV, can’t believe it was picked up over The New Normal. TNN was a great show! It joins a long list of great shows that were canceled by idiotic networks. Frankly, it was the only NBC show I watched. Guess there’s nothing left on NBC for me!

  • Lori S.

    How on earth could someone(s) cancel this excellent show? This show was my absolute favorite show last year… period. I don’t say that lightly because I really don’t watch a lot of TV. Nevertheless this show came along like a shimmering stream running through a dry desert. Each week I would faithfully watch this show… like a child waiting for Christmas morning to arrive… then proceed to watch the reruns on my computer as I worked out. I am sad and dismayed to see this excellent show go away because it faithfully delivered an amazing show each week. Shame on the executives at NBC for this horrible decision!

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