'Go On' & 'The New Normal' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Update: The New Normal has been canceled.

Go On has been canceled after one season. It joins Whitney, 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids and  Up All Night.

  • bjssp

    Aside from Sony being a shark about this stuff, why does everyone think Community will, um, go on? It’s already at 84 episodes, surely enough for syndication, even if 88 is the norm.

  • master splinter

    If TNN is renewed, it will only be because NBC likes getting praised at the LCBT awards.

  • Jase L.

    If Go On has been canceled, I can’t see The New Normal getting a renewal. I imagine Community will get a 13-episode final season.

  • DaxJackson

    God I hope they cancel Community now. How can they justify canceling this and not Community… it has to be cancelled. Please NBC do the right thing and put this show down and out of it’s misery.

  • k:Alex

    I did like that show, for 3/4 episodes, after that it got boring.
    Good choice NBC, only kill The New Normal as fast as you can.

    Community will wait, all because of Sony and a lot of money.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    The New Normal hit a .7 rating during its run. It doesn’t have a future. Community will be renewed to be paired with Parks and Recreation

  • danny94

    My Heart Will Go-On :D

  • Marc

    No offense, but the predictions from this side were really crap this year.^^

  • Oliver

    If The New Normal gets renewed, it’s down to one reason and one reason alone: nepotism.

  • Samunto

    The New Normal is next.

    Only Community will survive this. Final season. It holds it own up against TBBT.

  • Robert Ford

    Sad. This is one of six TV shows that I watched religiously. (2 others were also NBC shows: Parks and Rec and Community.)

    On the other hand while it had the third-best springtime scripted average, it just barely beat Community and Whitney, retention for this show was admittedly terrible. If Community is renewed (Please!), would this be proof of the retentionistas’s viewpoints?

    Also, while I found TNN tolerable and watched it occassionally, I’ll be really pissed now if it’s renewed, with even worse ratings than Go On.

  • Alex

    So much for schedule spackle huh…

    NBC looks to be cleaning house with their comedies which is the right decision. Rebooted Thursday here we come.

  • The Cool Max

    Good move!! Just wished they kept Whit.

  • Michael

    Wow, NBC is the only network making HUGE and risky moves, IMO. They must be really excited for their fall lineup pilots.

  • Pamela

    This was one of the few shows I’ve watched on NBC in recent years. Probably the last I’ll bother with. Not worth investing time in their offerings.

  • Adam


    Looks like NBC is wiping their slate clean, and what a terrible way to do so. Community has to get renewed now, and The New Normal is in a very confusing position…

    My God Greenblatt, what is the matter with your brain?

  • milaxx

    Wow! I thought the rating s for that were good. I guess NBC wants to start with a clean slate.

  • Tommy M.

    @ Michael, they might be big moves, but I wouldn’t say it’s all that risky. Could a new show really do that much worse than most of what they have cancelled?

  • gerry

    @ robin

    agreed on the refresh action. thank you nbc and cw for making my workday FLY BY!

  • Kavyn

    @Dax Because:

    (1) It’s up against ratings juggernauts TBBT and American Idol,

    (2) Community didn’t have The Voice as a lead in and later plummet in ratings (to ratings lower than Community’s)

    (3) Because Community has a cult following and deserves a final season to wrap things up (just like Chuck and Fringe).

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