'Go On' & 'The New Normal' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Update: The New Normal has been canceled.

Go On has been canceled after one season. It joins Whitney, 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids and  Up All Night.

  • D Park

    I am doubtful about TNN being cancelled (even though it should be) because they just started giving away the pilot episode on iTunes this week. Seems like an odd move to give away the pilot of a show you are about to throw into the trash.

  • were123

    This means that Community will be renewed, right? They seriously can’t cancel everything and to renew The New Normal would be insane!

  • JoeHamm

    Pretty disappointed. This one, I actually loved to the point of actually hoping to return. However, as usual, I’ll get through my five stages by day’s end. I should expect New Normal to get the boot as well. Community ain’t going nowhere… (fingers crossed)

  • Rebecca

    @John A
    I hope you’re right. I didn’t like TNN more than any of the cancelled comedies thus far. Community is great.

  • master splinter

    I might take you more seriously if you could spell petulant.

  • kelli

    Here’s an idea why not start to make good family friendly comedies like Raymond or even Seinfeld that would be novel instead of the raunchy crap they have now.

  • Rollie Dethloff

    Well, that was a surprise! :O This must mean Community will be the only other comedy to go through, because it would surprise me if TNN got renewed now

  • hi

    My bet:

    TNN – canceled
    Community – Renewed (maybe final season)

  • Alex

    Could a new show really do that much worse than most of what they have cancelled?

    Have you forgotten Do No Harm already?

  • k:Alex


    If we look to the shows they picked up and they renew;

    There are only 2 drama’s to replace a flop drama.

    There is only 1 comedy to replace a flop comedy (community), if they cut 1 hour of comedy.

    Because of they renew most of there shows with a full season (and 1 new one), most of there schedule is clear.

    Monday: Voice with drama
    Tuesday: Voice with drama and comedy (I think multi-cam)
    Wednesday: Only drama (comedy don’t work that day for NBC)
    Thursday: Parks&Rec + 3 new comedy’s (single-cam) and a drama
    Friday: News/Drama (Grimm + some other)
    Saterday: Repeat (with Rock Center)
    Sunday: Football/Reality/Drama

  • Michael

    I think NBC wants to keep their relationship with Ryan Murphy.

  • MatthewPerrytheflop


  • Wright


  • John A

    Matthew Perry just isnt funny. He got lucky with Friends. No network should hire him again.

  • Glue

    I actually never expected this to get renewed.

  • Cyrax86

    Vulture now saying: “A Fifth Season of Community Is All But A Done Deal”

  • Marc

    Can’t see what rational they could use to keep TNN. It always was worse than GoOn and was a .7 show with no Voice on the night. Unless Ryan Murphy has some sex tapes on some NBC execs.

  • KarenM

    Matthew Perry’s not talented enough to carry his own show especially on craptastic NBC.

  • Alex

    On the subject of Community probably worth mentioning that there are reports that Sony is trying to leverage new episodes of Community into a deal with NBC for Blacklist and Welcome to the Family both of which are apparently shows NBC want. So it may pick up a short order as part of a package deal with those.

  • BenA


    As much as TNN is a great show, it’s chances of renewal are sadly gone. In 3 episodes during its run, it hit record lows that had ratings under 1.0 (1 episode was at 0.7, and even Whitney & Up All Night, that just got cancelled didn’t even go that low). Unless it’s surprisingly cheap to make, it will take a big miracle for it to be renewed for Season 2

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