'Golden Boy' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013

golden boy

Freshman drama Golden Boy has been canceled

  • Glue

    Never watched the show. Not much of a shocker.

  • Mark

    Not a horrible show….sad to see it go

  • Lotucan

    Not surprising. If Body of Proof beat it, it’s a sure goner.

  • Clarke

    No big surprise here. As soon as I saw the lame promos for this show I expected it to be canceled. CBS needs to learn that not every generic cop drama they produce will be a procedural hit. Next.

  • Connor Murdock

    its sad, actually found it interesting! too bad other viewers 18-49 didn’t agree

  • rob60990

    Whats the point in having a separate thread? Should have just updated the Vegas cancelled one. No surprise.

  • Jonay

    Could get past the first episode of this horrible show!!

  • Ultima

    CBS needs to learn that not every generic cop drama they produce will be a procedural hit.

    Yeah, I can’t believe that they haven’t figured that out. :roll:

    They have to fill up a schedule for an entire year, there’s nothing wrong with picking up midseason dramas that fit with your brand.

  • Andrea

    Knew it was coming, but not happy about it!

    Wondered what would have happened if they kept it and Divergent went on to become a hit? Now we’ll never know!

  • DaxJackson

    I’ve never even heard of this show lol

  • Jazz

    CBS seems very organized with how they do things. First they announce pick ups. Then cancellations (no surprises here) one by one. All by 5 p.m. PT. NBC is allover the place. ABC is still top secret except for an announcement or two.

  • Greg

    That’s it for CBS.

  • John A

    Come on ABC renew Something ANYTHING.

  • Ian

    This may be a dumb question but when do the broadcast networks announce premiere dates for there series?

  • ToXiX

    Gonna really miss this one.

  • Derek

    Are these cancellations going to continue on Saturday and Sunday?

  • Matt

    Why hasn’t ABC announced anything?!?!?!?! Geez

  • Jared

    Good..now Greg Berlanti can focus on Arrow and The Tomorrow People. Its a good day to be a fan of the CW when every other network is cancelling series left and right.

  • Greg


    Obviously. ABC hasn’t cancelled any of their shows so far. Unless they suddenly decide to announce the fate of over 20 shows in one night, it will continue on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Melissa

    Is ABC going to renew or cancel anything tonight?

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