'Golden Boy' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013

golden boy

Freshman drama Golden Boy has been canceled

  • Eduktd1

    Watched the first episode and found this interesting. I was hooked by the second and watched it through, which I would say if you’re going to judge, at least give it the “three strikes” you’re out rule.
    I think this is/was one of the better series on TV these days. The 7 years forward lessons tied back to how they were learned has meaning in each episode. The mentor at work set a good example, the Arroyo character was relating to what many men and woman go through in life, and I think Clark could have made the world think about a thing or two through his maturation. Too bad, I think there was more depth to the show than those who may have glanced, saw.

  • JeffATL

    The main character was extremely unlikable and unethical. If the audience wants a show’s protagonist to fail, it’s not going to last not. Smash ran into the same problems.

  • Holly

    The main character was extremely unlikable and unethical.

    So was House.

  • JeffATL

    House wasn’t a cop.

  • Holly

    Neither was anyone on Smash. The fact you mentioned Smash means you weren’t arguing “people don’t want to watch unlikeable and unethical cops.” You were arguing “people don’t want to watch unlikeable and unethical main characters”

  • JeffATL

    Also, House was very likable to audiences. He only unlikable within his fictional universe.

  • JeffATL

    No sure why you’re being so obtuse here. The point is that when the audiences don’t like the main character/protagonist, the show tends to have problems.

    Actions and behaviors that audiences like for one type of character can be a big turnoff for other types of characters. It all depends on the type of show and the role of character.

    Again, why are you trying to pick a fight by being obtuse?

  • lisa

    Are you for real? This show was awesome……golden boy was great. Hummed now, hope another channel buys it.

  • Sergio

    Man, this show was great. Good acting, plots, and characters. I guess we have to throw in a vampire, slut, car chase, zombie or any other standard overdone plot lines to keep it on the TV.

  • Barry

    Seeing the promos for this show was enough to warn me off it.

  • Reedmac

    A deserved cancellation given the poor ratings. Hopefully next season will be more fruitful for CBS when it comes to their new series.

  • Matt

    This was my favorite new show of the year, but the promos were terrible. I had written it off as just another derivative police procedural until someone convinced me to give it a shot. I wish more people would have looked past the generic promotions and given legs to the series.

  • val s.

    CBS really sux cancelling both Vegas and Golden Boy. Absolutely Loved both shows. Thanks for nothing CBS.

  • Mary Ann Kraner

    Golden Boy was a really good show. Sorry to see it is cancelled. I guess only the stupid “reality’ shows don’t get canceled these days. Some good show comes along and it’s gone in one season!
    I think we need new eyes to decide on what stays and what goes!!!!

  • Betty almond

    Why take us 7years in the future an cancel it bring it back

  • patrick

    I really enjoyed this show and am genuinley suprised

  • Melody

    I really like this show. It isn’t the same old police show that they keep remaking.

  • joseph bongiovanni

    How could you cancel Vegas and golden boy. The only show I will ever watch on your network will be letterman.

  • MJ

    Vegas and Golden Boy were both really good shows, I don’t get why they aren’t giving them a chance? Was really starting to get interesting…

  • David

    It might have been a decent summer series – like what ABC does with Rookie Blue.

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