'Golden Boy' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013

golden boy

Freshman drama Golden Boy has been canceled

  • John H

    I enjoyed this show. it was poorly named and poorly promoted. if they are going to run a show for one season, at least have it close out at the end so it can at least be complete. ABC did a horrible job ending Last Resort, but at least they tried to end it…

  • RSK

    I really enjoyed this show.

  • cliff

    Perhaps the two poorer programers, abc and nbc, could get a leg up by putting both shows on their networks and promote them in a better manner. They might even gain a little on cbs.

  • Pepe

    Can’t believe it. I am disappointed that Golden Boy is cancelled. I absolutely LOVE this show. It’s one of the BEST on TV. I hope over the summer, CPS decides to bring it back.

  • Bill

    I loved this show. So disappointing that they only let these go one season. We look forward to seeing this show and record everyone we may miss. There is a reason that CW and cable is gaining traction at least they give these shows a chance to grow. I am really tired of being disappointed there is no loyalty to viewers and most objections, like this one get ignored. So sad

  • Paula

    Please please renew Golden Boy – we LOVE that show!

  • Laura M

    Can’t believe you are cancelling Golden Boy. One of the best shows to keep you wondering what was next and how did that happen. Very disappointed.

  • Jen

    NBC & ABC are getting into the habit of not giving new shows a chance. Let the shows play out. One season just isn’t enough sometimes. Golden Boy was, IS a good cop show with its own flare to it. They should have kept it but instead they keep shows like Wife Swap. Nobody watches that anymore. They need to get ready of the old shows to make room for the new ones.

  • Ryan Marcengill

    Why cancel golden boy that was my favorite show I recorded it every Tuesday night CBS your not really cool right now….. I wish y’all would reconsider canceling the The Golden Boy

  • Neil

    CBS cancelled Golden Boy after May 14,
    2013????!!!!! One of the best shows ever next
    to Person Of Interest and NBC’s Hannibal.

    Leave Golden Boy on!!!!!! Are the people at
    CBS who make the decisions to cancel a tv
    series smoking crack? Or are they
    on drugs? Leave a good thing alone!!!!!!

    Neil in California

  • Mrspapajohn

    GB – Best show with most potential on TV. CBS must employ a bunch of nitwits.

  • AA

    This is a major mistake by CBS executives. Perhaps these are not shows that the 25-50 group watches but Golden Boy and Vegas are two shows that the 50-plus watch. Last I checked, those are the people who have the disposable income and are more likely to be influenced by the tv commercials. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if, especially Golden Boy, was cancelled because it is not “politically correc”, it portrays NYC life as is, could be and was. The last episode is, ondoubtlessly, the most memorable of any season-ending show. Everyone that watched will remember it at the start of the new season. It’s unfortunate, there will not be one. I guess it’s time to move to a new channel.


    This series was not promoted enough.Too many shows are cancelled without really looking at the writing and story line.I watch all the police shows,but something about this one made it my favorite.I just cant under stand why it didnt take off.Hope someone takes a second look and brings it back. thks


    In a stroke of bean counter stupidity CBS has cancelled Golden Boy, arguably
    the best Cop Show since Chicago Code got the axe on Fox for being to close to the truth of ‘Sweet Home Obama’. It was insightful, complex, utterly creative and too much for a generation of ADHD Twitter followers with a 3 second attention span. One has to wonder how long it will be before the USA will not be renewed. OOPS! Obama is in the process of cancelling it now!

  • Liz

    Really liked this show. Interesting storyline. Left us with a good “cliffhanger”. Now it’s cancelled! Shame on you CBS. This a a good show. Much better than most of this mind numbing crap on TV.

  • Barri

    Really disappointed that Golden Boy was cancelled.

  • YAronson

    Please renew Golden Boy & CSI:NY!

  • Bernie

    This is more than a run-of-the-mill cop show. It has a novel premise, a fine ensemble, and well-drawn characters with interesting relationships. I thought it had legs. I want CBS to reconsider and renew Golden Boy. Anyone agree?

  • Randy

    Very good show – quite sorry to see it going. Hope,it gs picked up by one of the cale stations.

  • Priscilla Virgin

    Sad to c Golden Boy go CBS did not give show a real chance, only 13 episodes. I guess making a boat load of money wins out over allowing good show to become a great show. Great story line, something a bit different. I don’t know whats going to replace Golden Boys, propably something crapy. Not comedy, not reality tv. Please reconsider cancelling this program. Okay I’m begging, bring it back. Follwers should boycott CBS.

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