'Golden Boy' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013

golden boy

Freshman drama Golden Boy has been canceled

  • Michael

    Yeah, but Two Broke Girls survived. Anything with that requires intellect and insight is axed buy the frigging idiots that run Crappy But Stupid (CBS). Boycot CBS now!!

  • Dee

    Too bad!! Great show, didn’t even give it a chance! Lots of others that need to bite the dust! Bye CBS!!

  • heeth

    I got hooked on Golden Boy. One episode at a time and it kept getting more interesting. Will for sure miss this show and hope CBS gives it the chance with some more promotions.

  • lauri

    I am ver upset. I really enjoyed this show. Who can we talk to. They are canceling a lot of the new shows that are good. Maybe will stop watching CBS all together. That’s the only Chanel I watch show on but they have been cancelling after one season.

  • Donna

    Gonna miss that good-looking Theo James! Totally made my week to see him on tv! It was a great show that actually took some intelligence to watch, I guess that’s why it got cancelled. Most Americans would rather watch all the moronic reality shows like Honey Boo Boo that have inundated our televisions.

  • nita conyers

    totally bummed i watched every episode and really liked it now i will be left hanging

  • Roxanne and Scott

    VERY BAD DECISION: I have watched and enjoyed every episode.
    My Husband was iffy at first but is just as addicted as me now.
    Every episode has its’ own inner suspenseful plots, and the on-going plot is
    excellent. This show has true potential. The cast is excellent. I am very saddened
    by this decision. Worst decision since canceling “Off The Map”.
    VERY SAD!!!

  • Archie

    Very bad decision by CBS to cancel Golden Boy. One of the best shows on TV, great cast. We watched every episode and the series became better every week. Far too many seriously wretched shows are on TV so a good one like Golden Boy is a badly needed counter-balance. Keep it on the air.

  • Melissa Y. Malain

    I’m disappointed that this show has been cancelled. I like all the offerings on at 10 on tuesday and sacrificed “Body of Proof” to tape “Golden Boy” while we watched “Grimm.” As improbable as the scenario of “Body of Proof” is I like it but was more interested in the running theme of “Golden Boy.” Chi McBride is a favorite of mine too…Oh well. mym

  • Peg

    Sorry to hear that about Golden boy. I enjoyed the series.

  • CJ

    Not surprised that this show was cancelled nor am I surprised that this show wasnt a hit with the 18-26 demographic. First, the acting and casting were tremendous; the writing was sophisticated and the characerizations rangtrue. The problem was this was an intelligent show that involved little in the way of skin; ridiculous premises; bathroom humor; anything involving any of the Khardasians or any other element of reality TV. Thank you for saving shows like 2 Broke Girls or Srivivor. So much more intelligent and entertaining.

  • crankyoldbastard

    I am really angry about the cancellation of GOLDEN BOY! This is the very reason I (and I suspect plenty of other people) don’t bother to watch ANY new show. Just as sure as I do watch and get hooked, the network pulls the plug! I really wanted to know how the back-stories play out!

    Sure GOLDEN BOY was not an “instant classic”, but given time, it could have been a contender. Sure, Theo James needed some polish, but Chi McBride was smooth enough for 3 people!

  • Duchess

    Really going to miss this show. I liked it. Just hate it when I invest in a series and it goes kerplunk. Wish it had captured more of an audience, but even the discussion boards, like TWoP, only had a few pages going so I knew there was no much buzz about this one.

  • Melissa Y. Malain

    Agreeing with so many here. Especially ‘crankyold…’. Who left out the fact that it moved the program around putting it up against some pretty strong programs. That’s one sure way to axe a program is to keep shuffling it about like that. imo mym

  • MARC

    Super upset the cancellation of Golden Boy!!!! This is a great show which some of the posters here clearly did not watch. It’s anything but a generic show and is very well written. It needed more time to gain viewers and surely would have.

  • Michael Fitzhugh

    Agree with the posters who pointed out that unless a show appeals to a fourth grade level of intellectual development, CBS won’t stick with it. The shows with laugh tracks and maybe one halfway funny joke stay on the air. Ridiculous. This show had great character development and was beginning to explore themes of real interest (loyalty, betrayal, moral ambiguity of good people who do unsavory things). A shame. CBS, you blew it.

  • cz

    Really liked this show sad to see it go

  • Delwyn X. Campbell

    Given the timeline of the story, present day/seven years in the future, I knew that it was of limited duration. I enjoyed it, and I have liked everything that Chi McBride has done (I would STILL watch Boston Public if it were available).

  • Sharon

    Actually one of the new shows that had a plot. Interesting with good characters. These networks don’t give the shows a chance to take off before they cancel them.

  • Debbie

    I loved this show! All the good ones get canceled. Amazing finale

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