'Golden Boy' Canceled by CBS After One Season

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May 10th, 2013

golden boy

Freshman drama Golden Boy has been canceled

  • Dan S

    This was a great show. Characters with depth, an interweaving story that foreshadows future hardships you didn’t want to believe. Why CBS, feel this was the making of a great show.

  • elmer sison

    a second season golden boy would have been nicer
    with the season opener beginning with a full episobe of clark being yje commissioner with flashback not forward hehe just a suggestion i love the show damn why cancel it cbs why not consult MR. LETTERMAN first

  • Crystal K.

    I was initially turned off by the name “Golden Boy”. Then in the Pilot Episode when the black guy is about to open the car door for the main character, he goes “Who do you think I am? Morgan Freeman?” I found that to be a total turnoff for him to be so rude. So I stopped watching it.

  • Anne Marie

    After finding out that Golden Boys has been canceled…I am in total shock
    It was. A show I was so looking forward to seeing next year. I guess they will
    Put on som stupid comedy or a simple show and get better ratings which says
    Lots about people today. VERY UPSETTING

  • Cathy

    I am very sad to see this show go!!!! I loved it!

  • Deb

    I thought Golden Boy was a great show and am sorry to see it go. It really didn’t get much of a chance.

  • Shirley

    Why did you rope us in and then cancel a good storyline.

  • Sandra

    I really liked Golden Boy and I’m not very happy that it has been cancelled.

  • Claudia

    Golden Boy was a smart, well written show with lots of interesting sub-plots. It’s a shame CBS didn’t give it more time. Keep trying to be like ABC and see what that does for you.

  • brad

    My wife and I loved the show we would watch it every week and record it so a friend of ours could watch it. Said to see it go.

  • Bob

    sad to see it go. All every one wants is reality tv that is most of the time scripted. They need to give these shows a chance and get rid of the so called reality tv.


    I’m very disappointed. The storyline was different from what’s out there currently. I am sick of bring sucked in to these shows to never get to the ending. Bring this back.

  • PAM

    Really sorry to see this show has been cancelled. Liked it a lot. DON’T CANCEL.

  • Pat

    It’s a great show with a lot of interesting side stories left to be told. I think the problem of the show is that they keep on unveiling the mysteries behind the Golden Boy in a season without attempting to answer any of them. I think Arrow does a better job in feeding viewers answers along the season. Well.., I would have hoped to learn more about a few behind stories, which I don’t think are required to leave it to another season, namely, Arroyo’s death? Clark’s wedding ring? Mckenzie’s death? Former commissioner’s imprisonment? Of course, I truly understand that they want to save the best for the “final season”, possibly, Clark’s limping situation, Owen’s death and Clark’s ultimate success. However, savoring every bit (even the tiniest) till the end could have been a reason that kill the show. Indeed, my interest level drops bit by bit as I find out that the formula of every episode is just the same. I’m disappointed, not only because I want answers to the side stories, but also witnessing a great idea got wasted due to poor execution.

  • Victoria Campbell

    That is to bad……………. I tivo’ed it……….with alot of other shows….
    Then come Saturday night when TV is such a bore…
    We watch Golden Boy among others………

    The cast was outstanding…….everyone in the cast we loved………
    where do the rating come from…………do you count the TIVO ‘d shows……

    Why can’t you put on a better Saturday night….why can’t you give Golden Boy a chance…… for the millions that did watch…………

  • Jason

    My wife and I plus a lot of other people I know were hooked on Golden Boy. This really stinks!!! Wish CBS would at least try one more season just to give an honest effort. I think it could have made it. More people would have got hooked in.

  • Mary Lynn

    So, is it possible to bring back Golden Boy?? I’ve yet to watch the last two episodes and checked to see what’s next. Was looking forward to many more seasons. Didn’t like the promos, wasn’t even going to consider it but it turned out to be VERY entertaining, cast and story lines. Sorry to hear about VEGAS, too!! There are TOO MANY simple, stupid sit-coms, laugh tracks and idiot reality shows (except Survivor).

  • claudia

    This was one of the only TV Dramas worth watching. Any negative comments here must have been put up by some teenage boys. CBS you should stop thinking like pimps and start thinking like investors. Figure out how to make quality affordable to produce ans get rid of all the garbage programming. Pleeeease.

  • Colleen

    Really liked this show. Not happy it’s cancelled!

  • sam

    WHAT !!!!
    its a really good show, its one of these shows that you don’t have any interested in after watching the trailer but after the first episode i got hooked up to it, such a good story .. Sad to see it go :(!

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