'Happy Endings', 'Family Tools', 'How to Live With Your Parents' & 'Malibu Country' Canceled by ABC

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May 10th, 2013


UPDATE: Family Tools has been canceled after a single season.

How to Live With Your Parents has been canceled after a single season.

Happy Endings has been canceled after three seasons.

Malibu Country has been canceled after one season.

  • AO

    Saw it coming but sad all the same.

  • HalCapone

    Happy Endings is a zillion times funnier, more clever and creative than Community, yet that turd is picked up by NBC again. I loved this show so much.

  • chrisss

    @ rob60990

    I think Divorce: A Love Story is still in contention.

  • Dan

    USA please pick this up, ABC cancelling the show was understandable but USa can definitely use this show.

  • gerry

    usa? oh usa? where are you?

  • SJ

    How to Live with Your Parents is also thankfully, mercifully, euthanized!

  • salim


  • JuliannaBastos on Twitter

    OMG, but How to Live with your parents was doing good, right?

  • Jacob

    HTLWYP cancelled is surprising. Last Man Standing will be renewed.

  • ChingChongineh

    how to live with your parents is actually good, cancelling it so soon is a bad move considering the fact that its only been on for a couple of weeks and hasnt even had a chance to draw an audience.

  • KJ Styles

    I’m surprised that How To Live got cancelled, but delighted because it sucked! I wish the Neighbors would have been bear chow too, but it will be next season when it moves to Fridays.

  • SJ

    They shouldn’t even be premiering comedies that late. ABC finally learned their lesson from the failures of Happy Endings and Apartment 23 and cut their losses early. To which I say, bravo! Given the underwhelming performance of SUB and Neighbors – if the latter is even renewed – there is now a 100% chance that a new show will take the post-MF slot in the fall. That hasn’t happened since, I don’t know – 2009!

  • Kavyn

    Surprised HTLWYP is cancelled, but it was pretty horrible (despite my love for Elizabeth Perkins and Sarah Chalke). Hopefully they find new gigs and soon.

  • Will

    This is terrible news for Malibu Country. They put on Fridays and had no promotion for months while it was still on the air. They can blame this on themselves. They had ok ratings and whatever gets paired up w/ Last Man Standing will probably do worse

  • Mika02

    If how to live with your parents is dead so is family tools then.

  • Kissan

    When is ABC gonna renew shows like Shark Tank, DWTS, Wipeout, Splash and Wife Swap?

  • Ryne

    Didn’t like how to live with your parents but a little surprised by cancellation. Maybe ABC was afraid it would turn into Don’t trust the B this season.

  • SJ


    If you’re expecting a renewal for Splash you’ve got another thing coming. Also ABC would be wise to get out of the Wife Swap business. You won’t hear anything about Wipeout until the end of the summer, but my guess is, it’s dunzo…

    I see Family Tools is also dead. Good.

  • andy

    Weird that Last Man Standing was renewed and not the Reba show… I would have thought they’d go hand in hand.

  • Scott M

    I definitely whiffed on HTLWYP. It kind of feels like the networks are canceling more than usual, except CW.

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