'Happy Endings', 'Family Tools', 'How to Live With Your Parents' & 'Malibu Country' Canceled by ABC

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May 10th, 2013


UPDATE: Family Tools has been canceled after a single season.

How to Live With Your Parents has been canceled after a single season.

Happy Endings has been canceled after three seasons.

Malibu Country has been canceled after one season.

  • Jacob

    Wow Family Tools just aired and they already cancelled it…why didn’t they air it in the summer?

  • Dan

    At least How to Live With Your Parents and Family Tools will air out their seasons through June.

  • rob60990

    So ABC will be airing 2 cancelled comedies during sweeps. I understand How to Live but Family Tools should be pulled.

  • gerry

    not all that surprising on malibu country. i kind of thought that htlwyp might make it, but nope.

  • Stop the Flop

    Considering that Family Tools premiered with such a low rating, I expect it to be replaced by a Modern Family repeat next Wednesday.

  • Chris L.

    I am pissed about Malibu Country being axed! This is a bad decision by ABC. Last Man Standing only got renewed because the producers of Modern Family also produces this show it was a deal that was reached by ABC and the producers.

  • Kissan

    I’m kind of surprised How To Live didn’t make it through:( There was a LOT of cancellations today, more than usual. For example NBC cancelled ALL of their comedies except for Parks & Rec and Community, well I’m just glad TCD got renewed:)

  • Carl

    Too bad Family Tools didn’t get more of a chance. The pilot had issues but I thought it had potential once it found its groove.

  • Carmen

    Another surprise. I didn’t think for a moment that they wouldn’t renew HTLWYP for at least 13 episodes

    That doesn’t mean that I think that ABC should have. I just didn’t think they would cancel it yet.
    Interesting about the ABC Wednesday line up this fall.

    I wonder if they are going to stand pat with a line up of
    The Middle,
    Suburgatory or Neighbors,
    Modern Family,
    and Suburgatory or Neighbors

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I guess abc realized HTLWYP (FTROYL) was an Apt23 2.0

  • catsrule

    The unneeded overrun for Last Man Standing didn’t help Malibu Country at all. If it had started on time MC could have tied or beat LMS.

  • Cougar Town Forever

    I am shocked about HTLWYP. I thought that was a certain renewal. Then again, I didn’t care for the show, but the ratings seemed solid enough.

  • Tori

    No surprises here. I said before those renewal prediction numbers for How to Live were way to high given the whole picture at ABC.

  • CrystalFissure


    Damn it, Happy Endings. Damn you for being so damn funny and getting me addicted to the show.

  • Hugh

    How to live with your parents is a bit of a rententionista cancellation, no?

  • NBC Fan

    Will ABC still air New episodes of Family Tools and how to live next week?

  • Tony JJ

    I’m mad about malibu country. It was fun little show that made a nice sitcom block on friday nights with Last man standing. I don’t know what they’ll pair with Last Man Standing now that they have 0 multi-cams (passing on King John and Divorce), Suburgatory? Neighbors? Very mad. They should move it to ABC Family. But really, a Last Man Standing/ Sub or Neighbors block will bomb hard.

  • Robert Ford

    Odd, I thought that the spring episodes of the Neighbors did worse in both ratings and retention than HTLWYP. Am I remembering incorrectly, or is this a case of ABC deciding that the in-house production makes it worth it?

  • Paulo PT

    Why not pulling Family Tools next week and air instead na extra episode of How To Live With Your Parents.

    I think ABC should keep with this sitcom and rebuild TGIF next season, airing The Middle at 9PM.

    8PM Last Man Standing
    8:30PM New Comedy
    9PM The Middle
    9:30PM How To Live With Your Parents
    10PM 20/20

  • Andy

    I was kind of suprised that Malibu Country and How To Live With Your Parents weren’t given a second season. I think the Reba/Tim Allen pairing had decent ratings on a Friday night. I loved Happy Endings, but I aam not suprised with the cancellation.

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