'Happy Endings', 'Family Tools', 'How to Live With Your Parents' & 'Malibu Country' Canceled by ABC

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May 10th, 2013


UPDATE: Family Tools has been canceled after a single season.

How to Live With Your Parents has been canceled after a single season.

Happy Endings has been canceled after three seasons.

Malibu Country has been canceled after one season.

  • jupiter3765

    why in the hell was how to live cancelled when it gotten a 2.0 rating

  • Ray


  • John Cihon

    I guess she really is going to live with her parents for the rest of her life.

  • Alan

    I wasn’t expecting How To Live With Your Parents being cancelled! It was doing decently fine for a midseason show, but at least Happy Endings will be picked up by USA. Family Tools was dead.

  • Johnny G

    This is a terrible day for me. Also lost Southland… I will cry myself to sleep. Also, I’m happy that this is what I consider a terrible day. Things could definitely be worse.


    If both those things happen, I also expect to win the Mega Millions. Maybe I’ll just be super lucky?

  • charmedcraft

    The only one I’m surprised about is HTLWYP; wasn’t it doing like 2.0s?

  • Marc

    Will be interested to see what ABC’s schedule looks like. Neighbors was doing worse than How to Live in the post-MF slot, and was the clear weak link in the Wednesday line-up. And ABC will have just ONE multi-cam, after passing on Divorce and King John?

    If LMS stays on Friday’s they will regret putting a single-cam behind it. Single cams will not work on Friday. I can’t imagine they would stick LMS in the Wednesday block, but maybe they want to move it back to Tuesdays or Thursdays which have been struggling. Just seems weird to have one multi-cam. I guess we will see.

    Easy prediction: CBS will dominate the comedy market next year as they are (oddly) the only one who seriously plays in the multi-cam market. Fox, NBC, and ABC are all dedicated to single-cam and have 2 hits between them with Modern Family and New Girl. I’m actually not even sure why CBS wants to get into single cams when they currently have more multi-cams hits on air now than all single cams in the last decade. (Office, Modern Family, New Girl… help me out here. Is there more? New Girl is even stretching it as a “big” hit and the Middle is solid, but not spectacular. Scrubs had one good year. What’s the ratings appeal with single cams? I see one failure after the next. )

  • David

    Can’t say I’m surprised about Happy Endings. I really enjoyed the show at one time, but everyone became caricatures rather than relatable characters.

  • CraveRecords

    The second Becky continues…to become the new Rena Sofer!


    LOL How To Live has actually done alright…

  • David

    I figure How to Live… was cancelled because it wasn’t a very good show and it had too much drop off from Modern Family. I realize some think it should be renewed with a 2.0, but I remember when a 2.0 wouldn’t even place a show in renewal conversation not too long again. Plus…Brad Garrett..ugh…could there be a less funny actor?

  • ROLY


  • sarabee

    Family tools wasn’t cancelled after one season. It was cancelled after one SHOW.

    I didn’t care for it, but really guys, one show?

  • Cyrax86

    So glad How To Live… was killed and The Neighbors was renewed instead!!!

  • ron

    but HTLWYP was going good in ratings rigth¿?

  • HV

    Family Tools and Happy Endings, of course.
    HTLWYP and Malibu Country, what?!?
    ABC Friday won almost every week November-March!
    HTLWYP had 100% retention of Modern Family repeat on April 17! The Neighbors could never have done that!
    I hate The Neighbors even more now, for killing HTLWYP. We should like start a campaign to bring back HTLWYP.

  • LuLu

    Come on Sony! You know you wanna keep going with Happy Endings! Pick it up other network (don’t care which one)

  • Evan

    Malibu Country needs to move to CBS or TBS.

  • Rollie Dethloff

    How To Live is the true surprise for me here. I was wary about Malibu Country.

    Today, pretty much everything I watch got axed. MC, Go On, New Normal, How To Live, and CSI: NY. At least LMS made it through, and a lot of shows look interesting :)

  • bob


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