'Malibu Country' Canceled by ABC After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Malibu Country Canceled by ABC After One Season

  • Scandalous

    What will LMS pair with? With King John gone….. Divorce?

  • Stop-Colin-Me

    No TGIF block?

  • Jayson

    So sad, kind of expected, but I’m a huge Reba fan…

  • Androme


  • were123

    I thought it might return… oh well, never saw it any way

  • Body of Poof


  • John A

    It wasted too much of its lead in so not shocked.

  • forg

    Not a fan but too bad

  • Eric

    Kind of glad. Reba deserved so much better than the crapfest that was Malibu Country. It was entirely too sitcom-y. Hope Reba moves on to something better!

  • Jonay

    Wow ABC you are disappointing me first the Nashville renewal now Malibu country is canceled why abc??

  • Babar Suhail

    This was unexpected. I don’t watch the show, but its ratings had been decent.

  • Jewell

    I’m not surprised, it was like trying to be too much like her other show Reba which I loved,difference is the cast.

  • SJ

    It was a cute show, but I won’t miss it…

  • Davis


  • JacobYates

    Neighbors has a much better chance now! :-)

  • Marc

    This either means Last Man Standing is cancelled or is moving back to Tuesdays at 8 and paired with Divorce, and they didn’t think MC would work on a Tuesday. If LMS remains on Friday, I bet the overall hour drops significantly.

  • Jacob

    I kinda liked that show :(

  • Carmen

    Now this one surprised me. I really thought they would give it a 13 episode order to attempt to right the ship. . .and because of Reba.

    I’ll clearly have to score this one as a miss for myself.

  • Bob

    I LOVED Reba’s first show….I have every episode on DVD and now getting them on Amazon Video, HOWEVER, I really didn’t like this new show too much at all.

  • Shepherd

    Well, at least now Reba is free to make an appearance on Nashville, not that they would want her. ;-)

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