'Malibu Country' Canceled by ABC After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Malibu Country Canceled by ABC After One Season

  • Clarke

    I really tried to like this show, but the writing was truly awful. It had a great cast and the show could have been a hit but for some reason the show never worked for me. Reba’s first show had such a fun, family-friendly vibe while Malibu Country felt tacky and forced.

  • TV Addict


  • Jayson

    It was tacky because it was a southern family living in Malibu.

  • KJ Styles

    Hopefully either The Neighbors or How To Live With Your Parents gets cancelled too.

  • Tom Shaw

    Again, I wasn’t that surprised by this.

    The LMS/HTLWYETC/Neighbors/New Comedies deathmatch, that’s where the mystery lies.

  • Renz

    NO! ABC can go *&^% themselfs, they did not promote it enough. Nashville has less viwers than Malibu Country. ABC i cancel u and will never watch ur network again!

  • Cass

    Well done, Bill and Robert. I remember some chatter about how other sites had this show as more likely to be renewed and singled you guys out for making a mistake. I’m glad after our and the Bear’s abysmal CW predictions that everything else has more or less panned out.

  • Cass


    Total viewers do not matter for renewal compared to the demo ratings point for 18-49 or other particularly profitable sub-demos. Sorry!

  • Jenny

    I actually enjoyed Malibu Country, and it had potential to be a solid show.The ratings were nothing amazing, but the retention was strong and there was definite possibility for growth. ABC didn’t have faith in the show obviously.

  • RebaFan1995

    Where is this news coming from? I haven’t heard anything “official” from ABC or Reba’s reps.

  • Dan

    No surprise here, I expected this to be cancelled for a while. I wonder if ABC has a multi cam show to pair with Last Man Standing.

  • Karen Pac

    I am deeply disappointed. Malibu Country deserved the opportunity for a second season. They pulled in good ratings with no real publicity at all. The cast is top notch entertainment. Folks talk a lot about Rebas first show, if you reallly look at it, it grew from season 1 to 6. Malibu Country was a great family show. The tvs in this house will not be supporting ABC.

  • Liam

    The series had some good episodes, but improved towards the last few episodes. Reba McEntire does deserve a better show, she can appear on Nashville for a few episodes next year, that would be great.

  • Kit

    Who’s the guy that kept shoving down our throats all season that if Malibu Country is cancelled, so too is Last Man Standing? Obviously you were WRONG!

  • Bill

    The second comment asked “No TGIF block?” I’m wondering that too myself. With Malibu gone and King John dead, I don’t know what they could really do for a block now. I have one idea but its extremely unlikely at this point so I’m just gonna say LMS will be moved around yet again most likely. For any Friday comedy block to work it’ll have to have 2 strong anchor comedies. Can’t think of anything else that will work on Fridays save for that long shot thought and be compatible with LMS. Guess we will find out next week!

  • icemike

    wow two jobs lost for Sara Rue today first ROE now MC

  • Bern

    DAMN!!! ABC
    Great show. Way better than LMS.

  • Dinaminjo

    LMS and Neighbours Fridays for a normal / wacky or is it wacky / normal family hour :)

    I wonder if they will set SFN & Mixology after that?!

  • dan

    go to hell abc

  • JR35

    Awww. Ah, well- it was a little too much like the other sitcom. It was cute, but a huge loss? Nah.

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