'Malibu Country' Canceled by ABC After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Malibu Country Canceled by ABC After One Season

  • m k sims

    I have watched Malibu Country from the first show. It got better with time and the last three shows had improved greatly. The cast was great and they worked well together. Reba is good at whatever she does so I am sure she has many other offers if she wants them. As for ABC cancelling the show, this does not come as a surprise. They never did anything to promote this show at all. They promote Nashville and I think that show sucks. Good luck to Reba and cast and ABC, I am not so sure you get it. There must be much more to this cancellation than ratings. Whatever it is, I am sure we will hear about it eventually.

  • Regina Taylor

    ABC_ what ever made you cancel Malibu Country? It was a favorite of our family and this family in El Paso is so sad. Hope Reba pops up on another network really soon and has a brand new show. I still watch all Reba reruns and she has a following that is very loyal. Do not like LMS at all.

  • danny

    Great show funny every time i watched it. let me guess another dumb ass reality show,cook show, some BS

  • Jason

    I am very dissapointed that Reba’s show is being cancelled. I was glad to see a mini return of a TGIF of comedies. The show was funny, Reba is a natural. ABC is in my opinion starting to slowly go downhill. They cancelled Private Practice which was also a great show.

  • networkman

    I’m surprised that ABC would end its relationship with Reba. She still has a strong fanbase. If the writing improves, viewers would return in droves. Towards the last few episodes, the show was heading in a better direction. The show simply needed retooled. When you have star power from Lily Tomlin, I feel you have to give it a second chance. Why not pick it up simply for 13 episodes to be a midseason replacement.

  • matt thompson

    I watched Malibu Country regularly when it was on. From the beginning of this show, it got kicked around on Friday night and ABC was no help at promos. I never saw the first promo after show 1. Why would a superstar like Reba want to stay around for this type of treatment? This show was not given a chance as some others are in the same boat. Sometimes , I think the Nielson ratings are completely out of touch with everyday viewers. Good luck to Reba, cast and crew.

  • Laurence

    Maybe Fox will hire Reba to replace Nicki Minaji on American Idol next season.

  • donnie

    no malibu country means i have more time to watch cable …. woo hoo …. hang it up abc…. yea i no longer watch abc !!!!!

  • Jacque

    Reba is a funny show, why would you cancel! Friday night finally had comedies back on. Bring Malibu Country Back!

  • donnie

    lets cancel abc

  • CC

    Fridays are a tough night. Reba’s show was doing pretty good, but ABC is likely overly concerned about snagging the younger demographics. Up all night and Whitney were renewed last year, but they could not build on that younger demographics. Reba had an older audience, so she got the ax! They will likely do poorer now on Fridays, as younger folks are not big t.v. watchers on the weekends.

  • Bill


    Those are two good possibilties..ate those single or multi cam? Just wondering since LMS is multi. If they’re both multi, those should work well for Friday. I’ve heard good buzz on SFN and it struck me as kinda a good TGIF fit. I’m just racking my brain trying to figure out what can be paired with LMS on that night. They really might have to move it to another night. It can work on Tuesday..but, I’d like to see the Friday comedy block stay alive. The ol TGIF magic was really beginning to come back.

  • ML

    Another disappointed cancellation! This was the funniest show on TV. It must not have enough LUDE behavior to satisfy the networks “powers to be”! Cannot believe what this country is turning into! If we want our children to be moral, upright citizens, then they’d better start cleaning up television. This show was great with family and teenage behavior! And to the comment above….Reba is NOT a bimbo and does not need to sleep around and act like a flussey on TV….she has WAY too much class for that Nashville TV nonsense!

  • LondonsEscape

    I love Reba and I did enjoy this show. Although I can’t say that I’m surprised. If you’re a comedy on ABC and your show isn’t named Modern Family than you aren’t getting any promotion whatsoever. ABC is a bunch of MO-rans!!

  • Flame

    Goodbye looks good on her indeed!

    Sad to see this show go, but apparently Kix Brooks cared more about ABC themselves, promoting it regularly on American Country Countdown.

  • bill

    just wonder what they think more people are going to watch?

  • lee

    although i never watched it im sad its gone, just because i adore sara rue so want her to have jobs all the time :)

  • Rachel

    Loved this show!!!! Wth !? All my songs getting canceled

  • Viv

    Can’t believe a country comedy with outstanding comic/Lily Tomlin and all around great actress/songer/entertainer Reba has been canceled and ABC keeps the sex “drama” Nashville????? What happens to adult “country” comedy that doesn’t evolve around sex??

  • pov

    What I don’t get is that the show had higher ratings and was cheaper to make than some of the shows they kept.

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