'Malibu Country' Canceled by ABC After One Season

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May 10th, 2013


Malibu Country Canceled by ABC After One Season

  • Rasheed N

    Very Surprised, Malibu Country Along With Last Man Standing May Have Been What ABC Needed 2 Get 2 New Sitcoms On Friday Nights In Order 2 Bring Back TGIF

  • Wesley

    Sorry to hear about the cancellation. It is hard for a show to do good on Friday night. Malibu Country was funny. I wasn’t trashy like a lot of sitcoms. ABC continues to disappoint.

  • Nikki

    I am very disappointed that Malibu Country was cancelled. I actually loved this show. The casting of Sara Rue and Lily Tomlin added some edge yet the show overall was a show that the whole family could enjoy for the most part. I have written ABC. If those of you who enjoyed the show want the network to reconsider, I suggest you do the same.

  • Shawn

    I thought the show was good and getting better. It’s a shame that this type of show, with incredibly talent actors and writers is on the chopping block, while shows like Real Housewives persist. It’s to be expected from ABC, after all they cancelled Pushing Daisies (another VERY well written show, and unique in it’s production) and replaced it with COPS. It seems the networks don’t want us to think, or maybe they don’t think we do.

  • Jos

    Malibu country was great why did they cancel it.

  • Karen Pierron

    I can’t believe you cancelled Body of proof. I think it’s a great show. Why is it that you cancel a lot of shows with women who play the lead roles. I am also disappointed about Malibu country. You didn’t even give it a chance. I thought Reba and Lily Tomlin were great together

  • Peter

    sigh.. I loved it.. Sara Rue was AMAZING

  • Abc Bring Back Malibu Country

    go to our facebook page Abc Bring Back Malibu country we have till 6/30/2013 before Abc set final lineup like and share our site let get Malibu Country renewed for more seasons

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