'Nashville' Renewed by ABC for Second Season

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May 10th, 2013


Nashville has been renewed for a second season

  • Melissa

    Let’s go ABC, we’re ready for the next batch!

  • CrimTV

    Grey’s Anatomy + Scandal renewed!

  • Jayson

    No surprise, but Grey’s and Scandal got renewed, too!

  • Glue


    Where did you hear that?

  • ToXiX

    The only drama I watch on Abc.

    Very happy about this

    I love Hayden Panettiere

  • Jayson

    @Glue Shonda Rhimes tweeted it.

  • Dante

    Getting a wee bit worried about Revenge. :/

  • CrimTV

    Castle renewed as well

  • Sarah

    Took them long enough to renew something

  • Melissa

    Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal renewed! Shonda just tweeted…

  • CrimTV

    COMMUNITY RENEWED via. Variety, Cynthia Littleton

  • kriket

    Yes!!!finally some good news

  • k:Alex

    Maybe it will move too Sunday, but I’m almost sure it will move.

  • Shepherd


  • Brandy

    Yay!Lve this show.Now abc, just renew Once and I’m set.

  • KT

    YAY!!!! My only show I was truly concerned about once the Hart of Dixie renewal had been announced! Good year for my shows!

  • gerry

    i kind of figured, but this is still happy news.

  • Bizarro

    I was thinking the same thing!

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    So, I have been burned so bad in previous seasons that I held off on rookie shows. Though, I broke that for 2 shows. The New Normal (up in the air as of this writing but ended nicely) & Nashville.

    So, I am glad that I took the chance so I could watch a show from the beg week in and week out even with all the breaks, that broke the momentum.

    BTW, yeah, I’m hoping for a BOP renewal, then I can put it on my To Watch List.

  • Fake Me Out

    I said last year I’d pick 4 shows that were “locks” at renewal that wouldn’t come back … all the early renewals kept cutting my list down (Bones & Supernatural were some of the early contenders) and so I am finally left here at the last minute getting out my list … kinda like how I do Yule shopping. Please understand this list is not a wish list, not one I hope comes true, just 4 long shot picks of surprise cancellations.

    1. Nikita. I know, it’s been renewed already, but it was on my list so I’m posting it … besides, if it does end up with just 6 eps then it’s a miss but a darn close miss.

    2. Castle. Old show, lotsa episodes in the can, expensive. It’s late season ratings recovery makes it even more likely that this is a swing and a miss … which is good because I watch it.

    3. Revenge & 4. OUaT. Both shows have seen ratings slides and a renewal for next year creates a lot of pressure for a 4th season renewal next spring … if the ratings continue downward ABC is left facing Syndie God forced renewals on 2 shows … they may decide now the ratings can’t recover and end them this season to avoid the pressure next year.

    Those are my four surprise cancellations … last year I had 4 surprise renewals and batted .500 … this year I expect to be 0 for 4 though 1 for 4 wouldn’t be shocking to me.


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