'Nashville' Renewed by ABC for Second Season

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May 10th, 2013


Nashville has been renewed for a second season

  • Sal

    Yay!!! Yay! Yay!

  • zee

    Great news. definitely abc’s best new show

  • Juan

    Yay love it and hopefully it does good next year

  • SMG4E

    Great news! I love Nashville! Its music is brilliant and the soap opera feel is fantastic.

  • Bradleigh H Horton

    I bet the GRAND OLD OPRY is having a party on this one. NASHVILLE 2!

  • ROLY


  • KG

    Yay Nashville!

  • Hillbilly

    Hayden Panettiere is dating/engaged to Wladmir Klitschko. He’s one of the heavy weight boxing champs. (his brother the other one) I would go a few rounds with him if i can have Hayden for a night. ;)

  • Cyrax86

    It’s so funny how many doubted Nashville renewal throughout the season!

    I think one of the most interesting questions about ABC’s scheduling is Nashville, I think they will move it. Many expect Sunday 10 pm, but not sure if that could work…

  • Marie

    I just love Nashville, my #1 show so that made my day. Also like Revenge & they have been renewed. Good news all the way around.

  • Darius03

    ABC, keep Body of Proof and trash Nash!

  • Melanie P.

    @Hillbilly, LOL, good luck with that!! Wladimir is a big dude and they make a super cute couple, I think. Glad for Nashville’s fans on its renewal, but I got bored with it and stopped watching because the storylines turned into the same ole, same ole soap opera like stuff. I like hearing the music though. I may get back into watching over the summer and next season, don’t know yet.

  • Ram510

    I wonder if this will be the show that they throw up against the Olympics

  • networkman

    IMO, ABC should of renewed Body of Proof over Nashville. Nashville certaintly can’t stay of Wednesday night so it has to be paired with Dancing with the Stars. During the start of the season, I really anticipated Nashville. The show has been the biggest disappointment for me and I feel Connie Britton deserves a better project.

  • zumpie

    Given how weak its ratings have been lately, color me stunned. Let’s hope they improve the show, slow down the pointless, whiplash 3 episode arcs (and muddy character development) and give us a better show for next fall.

    Initially I enjoyed it, but the entire second half has been “Juliette is super evil” and it’s seriously stupid (and seems to have contributed to their ratings decline). If it doesn’t improve (content and ratings), I suspect we’ll see a short season next year or Saturday night burn off.

  • Melanie P.

    @networkman, Why assume it HAS to be paired up with DWTS? Just because Dancing also has a music aspect, won’t guarantee Nashville will grow in its second season.

    @zumpie, I agree with you. That is why I lost interest in watching. I read the recaps and feel I have not missed much. Have to wait and see will it end up like Smash has. I remember Smash last year was pretty well recieved, now look what has happened to it now.

  • Jim

    Nashville? Really? This is just a bad soap opera with crappy music.

  • GARY

    Great news, now the scriptwriters can polish there craft.

  • GARY

    Oops! their craft.

  • ann

    This show already finishes 3rd in its timeslot so ABC had better move it or I predict next season will be worse.

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