'Nashville' Renewed by ABC for Second Season

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May 10th, 2013


Nashville has been renewed for a second season

  • Amy Porreca

    I am soooo happy! This show is fantastic!! Love it!

  • C of the Burg

    They axed this show a while ago. I remember reading an article saying ABC was canning 17 shows, or similar phrasing. Apparently there are a lot of guys out there who watch this (not just the ladies), but I feel it is a week attempt at quality television. ABC must be really po’ed since they were dominating TV in previous years.

  • veggie mama

    Hallelujah! I love this show!!!!!!!! It’s the best. Now keep Rayna and Deacon together in a growing relationship and let it evolve, instead of just cheap drama. Yes!

  • Kris

    Wow, people that are surprised that Nashville was renewed…. it is one of the best shows on TV …cable or network. I am surprised that you are surprised.

  • B. Traven

    One of the best shows on t.v. — this made my day!

  • Elle

    This is a great show. So pleased to see it renewed!

  • Adrian Bradley

    I am so happy nashville is getting renewed. It is a great show and not only that its full of good drama and hayden pantieere and connie brittion are really good actresses and they are my idols so thank you abc for not canceling my favorite show

  • Kelsey Weaver

    Excited for Nashville and Revenge. I couldn’t care less about Body of Proof. I hate that actress. And Once Upon A Time is getting too complicated. It was only good for one season.

  • Mommy of two

    Yeaaaaaa love nashville.

  • Dianne Jones

    Love Nashville!! so happy it will be renewed.

  • M. Porter

    I am so happy that
    Nashville has been renewed the best show ever. I love the music Clair Bowen is excellent and Sam Palladio
    The best news I’ve had all week.

  • Jennifer

    Love this Show!!!

  • Lou

    Nashville is a tremendous show, so intelligently written & perfectly acted. Absolutely delighted it’s been renewed!

  • jamie

    Yessss!!so excited

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