NBC Picks Up Drama 'Ironside' & Comedy 'Undateable' (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013


NBC officially picked up comedy Undateable today, which was in question before, as star Chris D’Elia was previously attached to Whitney. But he's not anymore.

NBC has also picked up police drama Ironside starring Blair Underwood.

  • DSC

    how does community stand after this? it seems like this year networks are really overloading the schedule.

  • DSC

    Ironside? this time the wheelchair is motorized?

  • Ultima

    Presumably, NBC is also picking up The Blacklast. That’s six new dramas for next season.

    Bad news for I Am Victor, Night Shift and the Chicago Fire spinoff?

  • Alex

    D’Elia was the best part of Whitney (and a great Twitter follow), Hope this show makes the schedule. Lot of comedies being picked up by NBC.

  • Tom

    Seriously? Yet another comedy about guy “losers”? Aly Michalka already bailed from this project and probably with good reason. D’Elia needs to take a step closer to his razor.

  • DSC

    it’s interesting to note that networks seem to be abandoning the “CSI clone” phase, sort of exchanging it for the straight reboot/revival one to see if something sticks. in the last few seasons we’ve had Dallas, Bates Motel, Hannibal and now Ironside, and a 24 reboot (maybe). I sort of understand the appeal to go back to something that has a proven track record, but come on, it’s starting to feel cheap.

  • DSC

    oh and hawaii 5-0 of course.

  • Ram510

    Happy to know D’Elia will be back on TV. Will definitely have to check this one out

  • Neil

    Nobody’s Watching Undateable

  • Dan S

    I feel with this latest pickup of Undateable that pretty much kills any chance of any of their current comedies already not renewed from returning. At least NBC now has a companion multi-cam for Sean Saves The World. I had a feeling they were going to clean house on the comedies except for P&R. As for Ironside why bring back an old series while passing on shows like Bloodline & 6th Gun ?

  • Kris

    Any word on Community? the waiting is hurting my brain.

  • Dan S

    Regarding Ironside I should’ve said why do a reboot of an old series ?


    Ironside will fail.

  • charmedcraft

    It’s crazy how NBC keeps recycling their actors.

  • MichaelChickless


  • Ultima

    Any word on Community?

    Same as yesterday; NBC is still in talks with Sony over four or five shows.

  • Jonay

    I hope Ironsides fails it looks soo stupid!!

  • Mark

    Ironside won’t do well.

  • Glue

    Why aren’t they picking up Assistance? Is there a chance that they pick up any new shows?

  • Glue

    *Any more new shows

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