NBC Picks Up Drama 'Ironside' & Comedy 'Undateable' (Updated)

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May 10th, 2013


NBC officially picked up comedy Undateable today, which was in question before, as star Chris D’Elia was previously attached to Whitney. But he's not anymore.

NBC has also picked up police drama Ironside starring Blair Underwood.

  • Ultima

    Why aren’t they picking up Assistance? Is there a chance that they pick up any new shows?

    Yes, although additional pickups are probably dependant upon how many Sony shows they take.

  • Chuck_T

    I guess if CBS can reboot H50 then NBC could try a reboot of Ironside.

  • David

    Cmon NBC, just pick up Assistance? Will Undateable be the last comedy pilot?

  • BigBrotherFan

    They better clean this dude up he looks like a sex offender on Whitney! It’s not like he’s ugly but he needs to be cleaned up and drop the MANS MAN routine-it’s not working for him anymore and he’s out of shape!

    With that said, I like him as an actor and will tune into this!

  • Androme

    I smell trolling here.

  • BigBrotherFan


    You’re ugly! I’m not trolling! I like this actor and hope his show does well but I do think they need to rework him a bit cause he looks like a sex offender.

  • CarShark

    Really? Ironside? They passed on Sixth Gun for that?

  • k:Alex

    Sony negotiated slowly about there shows…

  • Donj1973

    Ironside is a procedural and those are always attractive to networks. Procedurals can repeat and can be sold easier overseas.

  • StevenD

    I really hope the rest of the pick ups are exciting and not so bland. This will fill their broader programming. I’m not sure what they see in Ironside, but u could see it ending up on Sunday mid season.

    Pick up Assistance, The Blacklist, and Mr. Robinson or Brenda forever and I’ll be ok with these pickups

    A Hannibal renewal would be nice to

  • TVDude

    Perhaps that’s why NBC was so quick to cancel Whitney. In terms of ratings, it wasn’t in much more danger than Go On, The New Normal, and Community, but they wanted the star; a strategic move.

  • bjssp

    I don’t think they are done picking up new shows. It would be something else if all of their new shows clicked, and at this point, they aren’t going to renew The New Normal, Community, and Go On.

    I do wonder, though, if this means NBC is not going to order the John Mulaney sitcom. It’s a multi cam show with an interesting cast and he’s supposedly very, very funny. He’s also already part of the NBC family, as he used to write for SNL. Seems like Undateable and SSTW would air together, but will NBC order a third multi cam in case one bombs at the outset?

  • gerry

    i’ve only ever seen two eps of whitney, and specifically one of them was the one where whitney’s friends caught chris’ character jacking off. so, well, i kind of have a crush on him now. if it looks funny, i would give it a whirl.

  • bjssp

    Having virtually no inside knowledge, I will just speculate.

    To me, Ironside does seem kind of bland, but so did Chicago Fire, and that actually worked. Lots of people gripe about CBS doing what’s effective over and over, but why would we expect NBC to actual differently? it’s got a slightly unique take on the traditional format, with its main character being in a wheelchair, and it’s also got a black actor as a lead, which probably didn’t hurt. And maybe, just maybe, it’s pretty good. To me, both Bloodline and The Sixth Gun seemed far more interesting, but who knows how well those pilots turned out?

    I also have to wonder what, if anything, the hook will be for Chicago PD. Will it be as meat and poatoes as I expect? If so, maybe that’s what NBC needs, at least on a certain night.

    Perhaps NBC ordered both of them in case one didn’t pan out.

    Or maybe it’s still figuring out its brand under Greenblatt. Crisis doesn’t seem so cookie cutter, and neither does The Blacklist or Believe, and maybe those pilots, rather than Bloodline and TSG, turned out better.

    Or maybe it’s that, while it’s willing to mix up its shows far more than most networks, it’s both going for quality and hedging for the future. SVU will end sooner rather than later; perhaps Ironside or CPD will take its place as a traditional cop show. Next development season, NBC can work on finding more serialized and/or unique shows.

  • bjssp


    I have to think it had something to do with the pilots themselves. Some have speculated that NBC is reluctant to get on board with concepts that can’t go for a few seasons, but based on what we know of a show like Crisis, will that really go on for so long? Shows can certainly evolve, but quality at the outset is always helpful.

    I’d also like to point out that After Hours/Night Shift was carried over from a previous development season. Maybe something like Bloodline or TSG will be, too.

  • k:Alex

    I like his kind of humor to and if there 2 comedy’s are successful, a 13 episode order is still likely when they don’t repeat those other shows
    (now, they have a lot of gaps in there schedule).

  • bjssp


    Here’s why I hold out hope, and say this as someone who only learned of him recently and probably has never heard him speak: NBC needs as many hits as it can get.

    This show seems like it could have potential, so what’s the worst that could happen? That it fails like countless other shows? That it works creatively but doesn’t get ratings right away–possibly because NBC’s other shows click, so it has to open up a comedy block on, say, Wednesday, after having them only on Tuesday and Thursday in the fall? Wouldn’t NBC love to be in that position!

  • Rebecca

    He was the only person I liked on Whitney, so I’ll try this new show out. Wish we’d know about Community today but maybe they’ll wait until upfronts next week. Great finale last night, whether it’s for the season or the series.

  • Mike

    Ironside will be the biggest flop of all time… Why reboot a show nobody wants to see… They should have picked up I am victor….. NBC I guess you didn’t like getting ratings bump las season and want to drop down to the level yu should be at

  • Rita

    There was only one Ironside-Raymond Burr

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