'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' Ordered by ABC

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May 10th, 2013


The Once Upon a Time Spinoff has been ordered to series by ABC. Official title is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and first official photo is above.

  • Penny


  • SJ

    Horrible mistake…

  • cris

    why? next year is going to be OUAT last season :D

  • Ricky

    I cannot wait! I’d love to see how delightfully low-budget they make Wonderland look in this new show.

  • Carmen

    I’ll reserve judgement for a while, but this move seems at least a year premature.

  • Davis

    All 3 spinoffs made it (Originals, Chicago PD)

  • Body of Poof


  • BigBrotherFan

    Boring! This will be canceled after 13 episodes.

  • Please do not make it “Once Upon a Time: Wonderland” Give it a better title!

  • ethan


  • ryan

    You guys, it’s supposed to be a mini-series limited run airing in OUAT’s time slot while OUAT is on winter hiatus against multiple awards shows, Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, etc

  • rob60990

    This show didn’t deserve a spinoff. ABC should be more focused on fixing the original.

    “why? next year is going to be OUAT last season”

    No it won’t, you’re a moron.

  • American

    I’d have waited another season, but whatever. Tonight is just too exciting (and disappointing)!

  • Kent

    I’m guessing that this Once Upon A Time spin-off is going to be the Mad-Hatter one that was being talked about.

  • DSC

    too soon. it’s not like the mothership is sailing smoothly. take a page from Desperate Housewives. for some time during its initial years there was talk of a spin off focused on the men of the show, and they scrapped that idea. plus the show isn’t exactly a procedural, it’s not gonna be that easy to recreate this universe successfully.

  • manolito

    really? I don’t understand why NBC picked up Chicago fire spin-off and Once upon a time in Wonderland.

  • Scandalous

    8 OUAT/Wonderland
    9 Shield/reality filler
    10 revenge/reality filler

  • TJ

    Eh, I never really liked this story. Whatever, I might give it a shot just to see what ABC does with it.

  • The End

    All the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland stuff was done in April by the way. They needed to do this to sell the show to ABC before it was officially picked up.

  • BrieK


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