'Rock Center with Brian Williams' Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 10th, 2013


Rock Center with Brian Williams has been Canceled by NBC after two seasons.

  • Greg

    Holy crap, they’re really cleaning house.

    That one I did not expect, I’ll tell you that. Despite atrocious ratings, it’s really cheap and it could air anywhere.

  • John A

    This is a surprise. It wasnt doing great but surely ok for Friday. Apperantly not.

  • Oliver

    I suspect this means Grimm returns to Friday as a lead-in for another scripted show.

  • Mark

    So sad, now I won’t get to hear Brian Williams discuss the growing Obama Benghazi scandal and now the Obama IRS scandal…..hahahahahahah, only joking.

  • Martin

    I’m surprised they didn’t just try airing it on Saturdays or something.

  • Oliver

    FWIW, I’m not sure if this is a good decision. It actually does okay when paired with Dateline on Friday.

    But sci-fi Friday with Grimm as anchor is an appealing prospect.

  • Doug

    That’s a bit of a surprise – thought NBC would try to build this show, or at least use it as a plug when (not if) one of their new fall shows get cancelled.

  • Androme

    At least Brian Williams doesn’t have to worry about moving to another night.

  • Laurence

    NBC doing some major housecleaning this week. Let’s hope the next headline we see “Community canceled by NBC”

  • erwanfromfrance

    Yeah ! Damn it ! NBC is starting the whole thing over again in September ! Hope it gonna work, go NBC !

  • Greg


    Hannibal would be compatible with Grimm. Maybe that’s why Deadline reports things looked promising to a renewal.

  • Oliver

    So is Dracula, which is coming in the fall.

  • SJ

    Praise the lord! What the hell took them so long?!

  • Andrea

    So who’s keeping tally? Ratio of renewals to cancelations at NBC?

  • rob60990

    Good for NBC. Really rooting for them this year.

  • Chuck_T

    If Brian Williams really wants a newsmagazine, he can work more on Dateline.

  • alexjones

    about time they cancelled this.

  • Dan

    Good this was an extremely low rated series the fact that it lasted this long is a miracle

  • TVDude

    It’ll be back someday. It would cost them pretty much nothing at all, aside from BW’s paycheck.

  • Ram510

    YES! Looks like NBC is cleaning house. Too bad alot of the shows they are picking up dont sound too great either (especially Chicago PD)

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