'Rock Center with Brian Williams' Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 10th, 2013


Rock Center with Brian Williams has been Canceled by NBC after two seasons.

  • Michael

    What will Donald Trump think of this?

  • The End

    @What will Donald Trump think of this?

    No one besides Donald Trump, cares what Donald Trump is thinking.

  • Alex

    I’m surprised. It didn’t rate well but it was cheap and probably kept Brian Williams happy. NBC does seem to be in the mood for some noticeable changes next season. Not before time though.

  • Samunto

    I have always asked why NBC kept this on air for so long and wondered if they had signed an iron clad deal for ‘Rock Center’ that they couldn’t cancel it earlier on.

    People will still watch Dateline NBC.

    And why is anybody suprised at this honestly? Even it’s highest rated episodes were lower than Dateline!

    Good Decision NBC!!

  • jupiter3765

    is fashion star getting cancelled please i need a response because my sisters like it

  • The Cool Max

    All we need now is Smash!

  • Jim

    At this rate, Trump will be leaving also

  • Justin121


  • Alex

    So who’s keeping tally? Ratio of renewals to cancelations at NBC?

    By my count so far

    Renewed by NBC 8
    Cancelled by NBC 13

    Although I should not I’m including Save Me which hasn’t actually aired yet as cancelled and both The Office and 30 Rock as cancelled rather than ending their run or whatever nicer terminology people might want to use. I’m also unclear on whether they’ve officially renewed Biggest Loser yet so that’s not in the renewed list. There may also be some other unscripted fare I’m forgetting for cancelled. They had a gam show of some kind airing in December or January I think but I don’t remember if that died or not.

    The other interesting stat is that NBC are currently at 11 new pick-ups.

  • Alex

    is fashion star getting cancelled please i need a response because my sisters like it


  • Austin

    I’m so excited this show is cancelled. It is soooo boring.

  • Greg


    Ready for Love was cancelled. Fashion Star will as well, but it hasn’t, so far.

  • Spen B

    Pretty surprised, this was decent schedule filler. Looking at their list of shows, the only reality filter they have now is Dateline and the Celebrity Apprentice.

  • Paulo PT

    Finally! It’s time NBC presents a good Schedule!

  • Spen B

    That last comment was assuming Ready For Love and Fashion Star are cancelled, of course :D

  • Wright

    Better chance for Hannibal being renewed.

  • Alex

    How did I forget Ready for Love? NBC at 14 cancellations.

  • MichaelChickless

    This was my favorite show. Not.

    Go Community! Go Hannibal!

  • Alex

    @Spen B
    Does Biggest Loser not count as reality filler? Assuming it gets renewed/has been renewed (and I can’t see why it wouldn’t be). I also wouldn’t be surprised to see NBC pick up some new unscripted stuff. Plus The Sing-Off is back (which I suppose technically takes NBC to 12 pick-ups).

  • Alex

    EDIT – Damn it and NBC announced The Million Second Quiz for next season as well. So 13 pick-ups.

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