'Rock Center with Brian Williams' Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 10th, 2013


Rock Center with Brian Williams has been Canceled by NBC after two seasons.

  • DR. Felton Romunean

    horrible name. no one knows what that means and it has nothing to do with the content.

  • Samunto

    @ Michael

    Speaking of the Trump… i’m betting on a renewal for a final season to see if it still has it with fresh celebrities and not as dismal as the All Star edition. But taking a page from DWTS… if that would work… (though DWTS has been up against a stronger VOice).

  • sofaspud

    Now if there was just a way to cancel Brian Williams too.

  • Fred

    The only time this program did well was after the Boston Maraton bombing. And it aired after a Special NBC news segment.
    It gets destroyed by ABC’s 20/20 weekly.
    Anyway NBC already had a successful new magazine Dateline.

  • David

    At last.

  • Derek Vincent

    Keep the news stuff for Saturdays, wasn’t this crap on Thursdays at one time?

  • Mark

    And the purge continues.

  • Connor Murdock

    damn NBC looks like they ARE cleaning house! Say goodbye to anything that hasn’t already be renewed! Its gone!

  • Mark2

    I still never understood why they would have him on twice in one day….especially on Friday.

    I mean he already leads all news programs with 8 million viewers a day with his evening news show.

  • a p garcia

    I never saw even 1 episode so I won’t miss it!

  • PromoDude

    As an affiliate promo guy I am happy. RC never provided a solid lead-in to local late news. NBC could have flip flopped it with Dateline, which is a better lead-in, but it didn’t. There ya go!

  • Carl

    Brian Williams is so wooden and pompous.

  • k:Alex

    Mwa, It could be a Saturday show instead of repeating The Voice (only 2 days this weak without The Voice, that’s insane!).

  • Shepherd

    Well, they’re only two seasons too late!! But…


    At least Brian Williams doesn’t have to worry about moving to another night.


  • Survivor Fan

    The Million Second Quiz is supposed to air for the whole primetime for 12 straight nights. That must be how NBC plans to fill the holidays or the weeks leading up to the Olympics.

  • Spen B


    Ah, forgot The Sing Off was back. And I don’t consider The Biggest Loser to be reality filler, since it’s a regular placeholder for The Voice, and it can’t really just be placed anywhere to fill a hole in the schedule.

  • gerry

    why? they could have just left it around for when other stuff fails and fill spaces. oh well.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Finally! on one week TOO MANY!


  • Jacob

    Weird because they seem to move it around along with Dateline about everyday

  • CraveRecords

    This show was strange from the beginning. For years, Dateline was the go-to filler. (It regularly aired five nights a week at one point.) There was no reason to launch a new brand — especially one named after a building in NYC that only TV nerds really care about. Dateline is a good brand and it can be 1, 2, or 3 hours.

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