'Rules of Engagement' Canceled by CBS After Seven Seasons

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May 10th, 2013

The Last of the Red Hat Lovers

Rules of Engagement has been Canceled by CBS after seven seasons

  • Petar Ivanov

    @outside of elementary , why would CBS need to change thursdays?. its one of their best nights

    Thursday is BEST CBS day. Not one of the best.

  • TVDude

    Rules was done creatively. It was the right decision, Imo. It had a good run and the cast are all ready for something new.

  • Tommy M.

    @ Petar,
    “why would CBS need to change thursdays?. its one of their best nights”

    Thursday is one of CBS’s best nights, but it’s one of their best nights due to their comedies. With them picking up 4 comedies I’m thinking they are going for 2 hours of comedy of Thursdays. Sure they could do a single hour of comedy on another night, but where would they do it?

  • Casey

    This show really did see everything from short seasons to strike shortened seasons to complete seasons to scheduled for Saturday and finally 100 episodes.

    I loved the show, would have liked to see Jeff and Audrey as parents but it is over and I’m good with that too since they did get to lay out an ending.

    I knew going in to the season that this would probably be the end with cast contracts expiring and the fact that you can really only fill that utility role for so long. I really knew it would be it when HIMYM was renewed because I figured that the only real chance it had would have been if they couldn’t secure a HIMYM renewal and lost Two and a Half Men as well. Then Bianca Kajlich, David Spade, Patrick Warburton and Adhir Kalyan took pilots and that for me was the point of no return.

    And most of that happened before the first episode of the season aired. Some episodes aired and while I liked them a lot, I felt now was the right time.

  • rob60990

    “outside of elementary , why would CBS need to change thursdays?. its one of their best nights.”

    The night is propped up by TBBT. POI is a disaster.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    @Casey, my thoughts/sentiments as well.

  • forg

    7 seasons and 100 episodes is a great run especially how this show never had a steady home

  • Pavelsauce

    It’s no surprise. I’ve only watched the show since the current season, and I liked it. As some other person said here, it was a comfort food type of show for me. I feel bad for the fans of the show, but I’m not mad that it was canceled.

  • Dan S

    @ rob60990, how is POI a disaster for CBS ? It’s 1 of their highest rated dramas & has beaten GA in the ratings demo several times. The show on Thur that’s a disappointment is Elementary & I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t make it to a 3rd season. POI will be around for some time but could get moved if CBS expands their comedy block to 2 hrs.

  • Petar Ivanov

    #2 CBS drama for the season #1 broadcast drama on reruns…….you and other haters are disaster. CBS make tons of money from it.

    @Tommy M.

    Tommy single cams are like serialized dramas – they repeat bad. Only single cam that rerun good on network tv these days is MF after 4 seasons. Even NG repeats are below 1.0. The same with the office. CBS strategy is to air all season long these shows and make money from it. That is like serialized drama like hostages won’t repeat on CBS never.

  • Tommy M.

    @ Petar Ivanov

    “single cams are like serialized dramas – they repeat bad.”

    CBS hasn’t aired a single cam comedy since 2008 when they had Worst Week on the air. How can you possibly back that up with any sort of facts other than using other networks to make your case? I really think you are over thinking how much repeat ratings matter to the networks. I’m not saying that don’t matter, I just don’t think they are as important as you do.

  • PurpleDrazi

    outside of elementary , why would CBS need to change thursdays?. its one of their best nights

    I’m not saying CBS will(or should)change Thursday night but it is worth noting that Scandal has become something of a ratings darling the past few weeks. Grey’s and Scandal make a powerful duo and perhaps they may want to counter program all that drama with a comedy block.

  • Chris

    I’m really surprised this show got cancelled. It was averaging a 2.0 which is much better than some shows that have been renewed.

  • Ram510

    I’m sad it’s gone but knew it was coming so I’ve had time to mentally prepare for this.

    At least David and Patrick have shot pilots that might make it on the air next season

  • cris


  • Rebecca

    Good run. I’ll enjoy its finale on the 20th.

  • gerry

    its been on forever and has been used as replacement for years now. its not a surprise. i would think (i don’t remember off the top of my head) it has enough eps for syndication. stripped at least. the showrunners had to know the writing was on the wall. hope they give it a proper send off.

  • bumfuzzled

    What a dumb arse decision.

  • Carl

    I know it shows how out of it I was, but I had no clue this show was on for 7 seasons! I thought it was a second or third season show at best.

  • Sam

    CBS was asking for this, you put this show on in midseason really!

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