'Rules of Engagement' Canceled by CBS After Seven Seasons

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May 10th, 2013

The Last of the Red Hat Lovers

Rules of Engagement has been Canceled by CBS after seven seasons

  • Lorri J

    I really liked Timmy and Jeff on “Rules”. Never did understand why they dumbed down Adam to such a ridiculous level, and I found ‘Sir’ was more than a little over the top with his philandering, but I’m going to miss the show anyway.

  • James

    One of the few shows on TV that got better as it went on. I will miss it as I was a big fan of Rules of Engagement.

  • BG

    Once again. proof positive the jackasses up at the top of the CBS ladder have no idea what they are doing. Another great sitcom down the tubes. I will enjoy the late night re-runs but come one…could have easily made it another two seasons if not for the golden tenth. Hope to see the cast doing something again soon.

  • Bob Ketler

    This is a minor mistake for CBS. It has performed reliably, if not spectacularly, year after year. Come mid-season they may well wish they had not made this “adjustment.” The writing this year DID get sloppy but that is easy to fix, especially with so many new “threads” of stories in the offing. It appears to be low cost and low maintenance which in a time of the splintering of the audience is a VERY important consideration. This one delivered at a low cost to CBS. I hope that a cable company sees its value and picks it up.

  • Oliver

    I imagine its cancellation was mainly down to the cast wanting to move on to new projects.

    It had a good run. 7 years and 100 episodes.

  • Chitown

    Real nice – finally when Jeff and Audrey are having a baby and Jen and Adam STILL are not married. Couldn’t they have waited and at least have a final episode to rap things up. There is so much garbage on t.v., and now a truly funny show is going off the air. Let’s add another ridiculous reality show…..

  • Sue

    Absolutely hate Two Broke Girls. The one-liners are so predictable it’s scary. Neither of the actresses have much acting skill. Again very predictable. Would love to see Rules replace Two Dumb Girls.

  • Clay

    Best comsdy on TV, you suck CBS!

  • Carrie

    What a bummer, such a funny show. It was the only show I watched on this channel

  • Adam

    Wow, what idiots CBS is. You leave a show on like “How I met your mother” which has been a toooooooooooooo long in the tooth, or “Two Broke girls” which is nothing but two stupid girls and a show full of sexual inuindos. Again what idiots are in charge there. My opinion, get rid of the two above and Mondays will be a good comedy night again

  • Sandra Supak

    I sure wish this was not be canceled. I have enjoyed this comedy from the beginning and going to miss this show.

  • Sandra Supak

    Maybe you could pick up Ringer that the CW canceled last year. That was a good show too.

  • elyse

    Always looked forward to watching this show. Bummed it will not be on anymore.

  • Angela

    Should of got rid of how I met your mother not a funny show. Need to keep rules of engagement. I loved that show. All the actors were funny. Bring it back.

  • Jarryd G

    This was my favorite show I can’t believe they canceled it after having a season finale like that.

  • Jarryd G

    This could if been the funniest shows on here.
    But CBS renews How I Met Your Mother which is a waste and 2 Broke Girls witch is boring and a little to much inappropriate

  • the girl

    wow i kinda wanna say screw you cbs. i loved this show it was great. not a big fan on how they ended it…wish there was more coming. stupid cbs.

  • Bonnie

    I loved that show,don’t want it to end. Best comedy show I’ve seen in a long time. The cast was great. Whats wrong with CBS

  • Craig GUtkes

    Sad to see it go,, Didn’t realize it was on for 7 YEARS. wow

  • Helen Cox

    rules of engagement one of only 2 shows that made me and my husband laugh out loud BBT is the other one, soon we will turn the TV off for good

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