'Smash' Officially Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 10th, 2013

Smash March 6

You've been waiting for it...You've said it it's been saved by some poll, but here we are, at the end of all things and Smash has been officially canceled after two seasons.

(Sorry for the Lord of the Rings reference, but it's been a long night!)

  • Dan

    Well NBC has cleared its bubble deck

    Lets see the networks score cards

    1 Drama Renewed – Nashville
    1 Comedy Renewed – The Neighbors

    1 Drama Renewed – The Following
    1 Comedy Renewed – The Mindy Project

    1 Drama Renewed – Elementary

    2 Dramas Renewed – Revolution & Chicago Fire

    3 Dramas Renewed – Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Carrie Diaries

    Well out of every network CW has renewed the most dramas 2, followed by NBC with 3, and FOX and ABC tie with 1. This may be the first season where CW has renewed the most new shows.

    Out of all the comedies only The Neighbors and The Mindy Project will return, thats kinda sad.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Amanda Kondolojy

    TNN was cancelled. The news has been on Deadline for about two hours.

    …It’s been here too…

  • Iggy

    Dan, good stats, but Hannibal will be renewed.

  • Tom K

    What kind of degenerates would degrade something that some people enjoy just to get their kicks? Oh, wait, many of you…. Enjoy your NCIS, CSI—–ssss’sss’s. Guess what? That first culprit that they suspect? He or she didn’t do it! And the second one they suspect? Not them either! Sad that a show that actually had entertainment value(singing, dancing, etc.)leaves while there is so much pablum for the masses that lives on….

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Can’t wait to binge watch s2 over Memorial Day Weekend. I enjoyed s1 & am told s2 will end nicely enough.

  • Jan

    I’m glad you’re all so happy about this, as though there aren’t other things you could have campaigned against. I’ve NEVER seen a group of people so willing to tear down something that other people really cared about, and now that you’ve gotten what you wanted you gloat about it.

    SO good for you. Better start picking your next show to Hate to Watch.

  • Nope

    Can’t believe a decision wasn’t made on Hannibal. Maybe it is a little more likely to be renewed than once thought? They can’t possibly be waiting for next friday morning.

  • FowlScat

    Kind of sad I am reading cancellations on other sites well in advance of TVBTN. I consider this my go to site, but why are you getting scooped by many many hours on a day like this?

  • Jay

    It wasn’t saved by eonline save my show poll? I’m really surprised.

  • Amy

    Hopefully Josh Safran will never get a job as a showrunner again. His talents lie in writing.

  • ArrestedDeveloper

    I’ll be forever grateful to Smash for showing Meagan Hilty’s side-boob.

  • Reggie

    Kind of like the real Broadway where 80% of shows fail to make a profit. Smash was too expensive for commercial TV. The future there is sports and reality TV. The better material will be pay or subscription. (as YouTube is considering)

  • HV

    Biggest surprise of the season :P

  • Jik

    I don’t think I ever fell so in love with a program, only to completely hate it by the second season. This show committed suicide and alienated it’s audience.

    Not only did it jump the shark, it threw the shark at it’s audience.

  • Darkridedan

    Amen Tom K!

    And so much for no formal announcement…or Go On and Whitney being renewed

  • bob

    who cares

  • AniMatsuri

    Looks like the TBTN poll trumped the E! poll. ;)

  • Gabe

    One of my favourite shows, really. A shame that people didn’t bother watching it, but I’m glad we at least got a second season.

  • info


  • tara

    Love Smash. What now more stupid reality tv? Smash was at least full of talent and great story lines. Too Bad, and a mistake in my opinion.

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