'Smash' Officially Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 10th, 2013

Smash March 6

You've been waiting for it...You've said it it's been saved by some poll, but here we are, at the end of all things and Smash has been officially canceled after two seasons.

(Sorry for the Lord of the Rings reference, but it's been a long night!)

  • stp0820

    all the complaining about the first season and that was far better than the second. The other musical and the new characters were far worse than any character they started out with. NBC destroyed what could have been a decent show about a different setting rather than another comic book, science fiction, procedural setting.

  • Sam

    What stp0820 said. My thoughts exactly. Season 1 wasn’t bad, but Season 2 was absolutely beyond awful and destroyed any potential this show had. It’s like NBC asked everyone involved the following questions:

    “Can you make the stories completely ridiculous?”

    “Can you make the songs less inspired and more generic?”

    “Can you all act… worse?”

    I’m disappointed, but the show had no business continuing in its current state.

  • Stacy

    I wanted to love Smash. I’m a huge fan of live theater (I see at least one play or musical a week, and sometimes two – so around 60 live shows a year). However, Smash was just poorly written. :(

    I’m sorry for those that loved the show – I’m not saying this to be a hater. But it was just too cliche to enjoy, and McPhee is a bad actress.

    I am glad that it brought Megan Hilty to the small screen, and I hope to see more from her. Will definitely check out what she’s doing next time I’m in NYC.

  • Ray

    Good riddance. This show has become totally unwatchable thanks to that idiot Josh Safran

  • MaryP

    A mistake from the the NBC executives, the show has some good original music, not to mention a showcase of talent from the actors on the show. What seem a different fresh breath of story line is now a red taped and cancelled. Bonehead boos at NBC need a reality check , there were some people that real enjoyed this show and followed it.

  • Rock

    I will miss Karen and Ivy. I am stunned that this show could not find enough viewers.

  • Ultima

    So you get to decide for all of us what shows should be on, Ultima?

    Nice straw man. :roll:

    By the way, I never cheered Smash being canceled, although I did mockingly state that the cancellation is now official (after months of whining from fans).

    My comments are just a general principle. If people can cheer on shows that they like, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with cheer the failure of shows they dislike.

    It’s no different than sports. I cheer on my team, but I’ll also root against teams I dislike – even if their loss provides no benefit to my team.

  • Ultima

    @Joe R
    You don’t bring on a new show and then wait 9 months in bring it back for it’s second season

    Worked fine for Game of Thrones. I guess if you leave your fans wanting more, then the long hiatus doesn’t matter.

    Maybe Fox or ABC will pick it up!

    Ah, delusional optimism.

  • Ultima

    WHY are the ratings down? One reason … there is such a long time between the end of one season and the beginning of the next


  • Betty

    Figures….I liked Body of Proof. They would rather keep shows that “wipe out” people, show people at their worst, stupid reality shows, and shows that really push the envelope with depravity and crap (two & 1/2 men). They keep shows that force us to watch men kissing men (I have nothing against gay people), its just not entertainment to me…and they do it to shows that would otherwise be very entertaining.

  • ChipL

    “Smash” had a host of problems that made it barely watchable for even the most ardent Broadway musical fans (like me), #1 being that nearly all of the characters were whiny, self-involved, selfish drama queens. There was no one to root for.

    But the the show-within-a-show musical numbers from “Bombshell,” the other great Wittman & Shaiman songs like “A Love Letter from the Times” for Liza Minnelli and the very touching song about the writer’s life that Debra Messing sang last night, and some terrific guest performances kept me coming back. And who doesn’t want to see Anjelica Huston throw a martini in her ex-husband’s face every week?

    I was glad to see at the end of last night’s episode that NBC is giving the show a proper sendoff, a two-hour finale on Sunday, May 26, not a final Saturday insult slot. True, it’s a Sunday in the middle of a holiday weekend, and the ratings won’t go up appreciably, but it’s a nice touch for fans.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Betty: “They keep shows that force us to watch men kissing men ”

    The good news Betty is that I am coming over today to unchain you from the chair in front of the TV showing episodes of The New Normal on a continual playing loop.
    The bad news is I will be french kissing you husband on the way out so you will be “forced” watch one more time.

    Betty: “(I have nothing against gay people),”

    This is usually followed by the phrase “Some of my best friends are gay….” In the sixties the word was usually black or Jewish instead and was typically accompanied by the wearing of a white hood at night.

  • Patti

    This show had potential, talent and some good characters – not to mention some great actors. A little tweaking with some of the cast could have helped.

    Why don’t we just replace everything good with another demeaning reality show? Soon that is all we will have… pathetic wannabe actors – bachelors and bachelorettes and BooBoos — the dumbing down of America.

    Why isn’t someone trying to improve shows that appeal to those of us who actually appreciate talent? Wonder why Downton was such a success? It attracts viewers as described.

  • Gus

    There was some fine talent on this show. And there were some fine performances done here. But NBC wanted a “smash” hit ratings wise and wasn’t going to be all that much more patient waiting for the show to find its’ audience. A show like this would have a better chance on cable rather than network tv plain and simple.

  • Tyson

    Not a lot of people attend Broadway shows. There’s a reason CBS airs the Tony Awards show in June rather than May. The audience is loyal but small.

    For Smash to work on a broadcast network, the program had to attract some people who will never watch live musical theater. NBC couldn’t do more to promote Smash before the debut.

    Lots of promos, including promos during the Super Bowl. A cushy time slot following The Voice, NBC’s best available lead-in. The promo department did its job. Smash was sampled. The early ratings was good.

    After that, it’s up to the show. The audience was fleeing before the first season ended and Smash was lucky Bob Greenblatt loved it so much he renewed too soon.

    By the start of the second season, Smash was finished. The promos were gone. NBC apparently decided not to throw good money after bad.

    On Broadway, the highest-quality show is canceled when not enough butts are in the seats. On TV, acclaimed shows are dropped when not enough eyeballs are watching.

  • Tyson


    A cable show means a cable budget. Cuts would have had to have been made somewhere.

    In addition, there would have been about 13 episodes in the first season, followed by a six-to-12-month wait before season two started. That’s how cable dramas work. According to some of the comments in this thread, Smash couldn’t possibly survive such a long hiatus.

  • pam h

    the first season was awesome then what happened ? the second season was DUMB.sorry they changed it way tooooooooo much added alot of dumb stuff. the actors were great why did you change a good /great show? you figured someone would have seen after the first show of the second season that it wasnt as good as the first season

  • Ann

    This really sucks! I have watched this show from the very beginning and enjoyed it so much. I can hardly wait for it to come on every week. Am I in the minority???? Well, there’s no accounting for taste(others, not mine). Didn’t know anything about the ratings. I just watched the show.
    Two thumbs down on the cancel, NBC!!!! This was the ONE show I came to your network to watch. Bye!

  • Barbara Banos

    Again NBC cancelled a show with great potential. Could’t you give the writers and actors/actresses a chance to work it all out? Most of the shows were just great with great story lines. Loved Angelica Houston. The singing was phenomenal. Go ahead NBC I bet you put crap into their old time slots as usual! I’ll wager that the only people who did not like SMASH were the ones who didn’t watcch it.

  • Cindy

    Smash has been cancelled? Are you kidding me? With all the lousy shows on TV these days, this was one bright spot in my DVR recordings.

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