'Smash' Officially Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 10th, 2013

Smash March 6

You've been waiting for it...You've said it it's been saved by some poll, but here we are, at the end of all things and Smash has been officially canceled after two seasons.

(Sorry for the Lord of the Rings reference, but it's been a long night!)

  • cake50

    N.B.C.(Network of Bad Choices) Smash is really a good show. You killed it when you put on Sat. nite but you knew that, that’s why you did it. People are sick of those dumb same old show’s. It’s like every time you guy’s get a show that works you kill it! What happened to N.B.C. After this stupid move, you should be known as NO BODY CARES!!!!(NBC) After I saw the list of the other shows you killed, No one will care.

  • Patrice

    Reconsider please!
    I love Smash!
    Hard to believe some of the junk that stays season after season and shows like Smash are cancelled to make room for them.

  • MsBeau

    I am sorry to see that it is cancelled. It was a grown up version of Glee with drama and issues. Katherine McPhee was really good. I will miss this show alot.

  • MsBeau

    Maybe another network will pick it up and we can continue to see the show…HEY TBS or Oprah you hear that

  • Diane W.

    I loved Smash! The network can thank itself for its’ failure since they let 9 months go by in between season 1 & 2! So sorry! I loved Katherine McPhee!

  • Dana

    Good. The second season was a real let down. The writing and Karen’s character development took such a wild turn it just didn’t make any sense. Too bad. They had such a good thing going first season.

  • Jr

    SMASH was a refreshing hour in a desert of cookie cutter, mind numbing shows. NBC shot itself in the foot by canceling another good show. Part of the problem is keeping a popular show off air for 9 months. What was that all about?

  • toni yap

    I am really disappointed that Smash was cancelled. I love the show. Everyone in the cast are good. I know that sometimes there are weak points in the show but thats how all shows are. I think the reason why it was cancelled was it was in the wrong network (NBC), wrong day of airing (Tuesday and then Saturday) it should have been shown on a Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe if you guys present this show to another network like CBS or ABC it would work.

    I wish you could still save the show. Best of luck…..

    Your number one fan,

  • Geri

    My favorite show on TV cancelled???? I really loved it and am so sad. Now I hve nothingI really like to watch!

  • Reedmac

    um… didnt they dump it on Saturday because it was already dead on Tuesday? Some very ungrateful fans here, NBC didnt have to air all the episodes but they did. This show never should have gotten a second season it was already dying in the first.

  • Jan

    Such sad news, the plot did seem to be going nowhere… but I’m REALLY going to miss Megan Hilty (aka Ivy Lynn)! Every week I looked forward to hearing her belt-out a song! Wish we could see the finishing product of Bombshell before the show is canceled, and I’d love to see it go to Broadway in real life!

  • Leigh Mygrant

    Loved the first season, wish they would of spent more time with the broadway singing and dancing rather than the drama and soap opera.

    why would karen be interested in Jimmy? Why so many feuds? Hard to understand Derrick.

    Sing, Sing, Sing!!! Show us the show.

  • Karen mowers

    Smash was the only show I watched. Saw other series a few times, but Smash was. “My” show. NBC – you blew it!

  • Ron Crigger

    Love SMASH, the music and the DVD from season one. I love season 2, it is different from season 1 but it is still one of the only shows I actually watch, that and The Voice, other than those 2 shows my TV stays on the old show stations. NBC needs a sitcom, we Lost FRIENDS, we lost WILL AND GRACE, now SMASH…..SO SAD, but I will watch the DVD over and over

  • sweetie

    Loved the show, however, upset it took so long for the second season to start, which is why i feel the show did not continue to reach a greater audience than the initial season. Debra Messing as well as all the other cast members were great. Sorry to hear the show is now cancelled.

  • Lydia Bennett

    I am really very irritated by this cancellation. Not only was the plot/s worked out for an adult sensibility but the music was just fantastic. I really felt like I was at a broadway show when watching. The characters were real and approachable. The songs and staging, breathtakeing.

    Broadcast TV has become a garbage dump. Targeted to intellectually deprived individuals…same with cable. Horrific reality TV, simplistic scripts, lousy editing and all with the goal of not presenting a story but to represent a TV equivalent to watching a car wreck. We get absolutely nothing for watching except for the feeling of “glad that’s not me”.

    A really stupid decision and I am going to really miss this show.

  • rooney72

    Sorry to see it go; it was a different show in a sea of network sameness, and I looked forward to it every week.

  • Lori

    I am so bummed Smash is cancelled. I LOVED this show!!! It was entertaining and the singing was fantastic! Very disappointed :-(

  • an actual fan of smash

    Wow, how rude can you people be? Some people actually enjoyed this show, myself included. You people probably enjoy reality tv garbage, how about you leave a good show alone. Broadway stars loved this show, it was a great show with a great story and amazing singing and it was killed by the “reality” garbage that people love having crammed down their throats these days. It’s disgusting to live in a world where crap like the Jersey Shore and the Kardashians etc. are getting multiple seasons and good shows are killed.

  • Judithbpdx

    I really enjoyed Smash. The songs, singers and the production numbers were better than anything I’ve ever seen on weekly tv including Glee. I think they should have given it another chance at a good hour on a good night. I watch very little tv and now I guess I will watch even less.

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