'Smash' Officially Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 10th, 2013

Smash March 6

You've been waiting for it...You've said it it's been saved by some poll, but here we are, at the end of all things and Smash has been officially canceled after two seasons.

(Sorry for the Lord of the Rings reference, but it's been a long night!)

  • Master Moron

    At least the title of the show was accurate. You had to be completely smashed in order to enjoy watching it.

  • Deanie

    I agree with Tom K. We don’t need more reality shows, violence, more swearing, etc. and I am not a prude but I really enjoyed the wonderful singing and dancing on Smash. I will say that the 2nd season was a little disappointing. I think that some may have had it in for the show because when they changed the day to Saturday it was not communicated at least in our area. I just thought that other shows were using their timeslot for a short time. I was able to view the missed episodes on the internet. It is so sad that only nasty stuff is on TV rather than entertaining television. I guess my option is to do more reading since the choices on TV is going downhill. I like news programs & HGTV but don’t want to watch ithose types of programs all the time!

  • Julia

    Darn it! I love smash

  • Out of time

    Really people? Aren’t you completely sick of all of the ridiculously overdone medical, reality, and criminal investigation shows? At least Smash made an amttempt at something new. Sorry it wasn’t exactly up to par for your tastes, but it really sucks for those of us who enjoyed the refreshing change of pace…… ????

  • Sharon

    I believe the networks kill their own shows. We have watched this show since it began. Have not missed one show. Then the network reschedules shows – changes day and time slots and remains off air for 9 months. How in the world can any show survive. Smash has been smart, entertaining and completely different from any other current shows. However, all the dumb shows are renwed. Networks want to know why the viewers switch to “cable” shows – take a hard look at your record.

  • jt

    Smash was awesome season one – season 2 was so different at start (but with some really good moments)….but then from the producers episode on the magic came back and I was loving it. Too much talent,beauty,music,drama and fun for some couch trash or tv execs I guess. Rock on McPhee and crew, Rock on! :)

  • VIvian

    I suppose I’m the only person on here who loved SMASH? The music is excellent the plotline was getting a bit off track but was still exhilarating, and I adored all the characters! So this could be the last time I see Eileen pour drinks on somebody’s head? I’ll never live to know about Derek or Jimmy? I’ll never see Gatsby become a play :(

  • xDelete

    I really liked this show. It was a more adult and mature version of Glee. I will miss it. The original songs and covers were great.


    Smash is probably the best show on TV. You people that hate it probably are just jealous of how talented all the people on the show are or just have watched on episode. Katharine Mcphee and Megan Hilty are very rare talents, and now they have Jeremy Jordan who has a beautiful voice. There is nothing on TV like this show and I haven’t seen anything before like this. The music always gives me chills. One show that should be off TV is Once Upon Time, I mean come fairytales are so overdone, try something new and take a risk. Smash took a risk and I think it should be kept on. This show is an actual reality and that’s what should be on television. The arts are all about taking risks and that needs to be brought back in this world.

  • Rob

    Why are all the good shows cancelled? I am so tired of all the reality shows. I really enjoyed sitting down and watching a soul where I could be entertained for an hour. Now I have no reason to watch NBC at all!



  • Meladie


  • IrishDays

    I’m not a big broadway or musical fan but Smash was a great show with an even greater cast.

    It’s a shame that it got cancelled.


    I love this show. This show is the only show I watched since Friends and Will and Grace. Its ashame to see such a great show gone.

  • Rosy

    I LOVED SMASH!! I thought it was the best musical show ever. Glee is over rated and Smash appealed to people of all ages. Smash was also the ONLY show I watched on NBC. Looks like I won’t be watching NBC anymore. I truly hope another network picks up the show!

  • em

    Really people stop with the bad comments. I loved that show and wish i could have seen a third season :(

  • Goose

    I just watched the most recent show On Demand and loved it! I am soooo bummed that the show is canceled, but since U want to spend less time in front of the TV perhaps it’s best.

  • Debbie Holmes

    I am deeply saddened at the cancellation of the hit show “Smash”. The Cast, the story line, everything about the show made it real life and great story lines. I can’t beliee NBC would cancel Smash when they have so many other trashy shows still on. I looked forward every week to tune into the show but knew when they aired the season finale, it was over. I think that each character is starting a new beginning and what a better way to continue the series so that each and everyone of us that loved the series, can see how things turn out. I hate making my own conclusions. Come on NBC, writers get creative with the characters stories – you had a winner and I think you lost ratings because of moving the series to Saturday night. I myself just taped it!! I’m very disappointed!

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